Why does petunia have pale leaves

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Good day to all. Tell me, what's wrong with petunia? Pale leaflets. All planted in one day. Medium a bit, but pale. The little one is very pale, and the leaf is twisted a little. They stand under a phytolamp for almost a week. Prior to that, the usual energy-saving was.

I have the same stand on the windowsill for a month! I already fed them. Something is growing badly this year!

I, too, had nothing, but the leaves began to curl (((what could be the matter?

urgently cut the edges of the glasses ... the soil with the edge of the glass should be on the same level ... the soil is very wet and heavy .... volumes of cups are very large for your kids .... and keep everything under the lamp .... I would transfer to another container and replace the earth ... it even turns green in you .... Good luck to you!!! you will succeed !!!

Normal seedlings

the soil is light. There is half peat. Wet because only that is watered. At the most problematic edge of the glass below it. As for the volume, maybe I transferred them from peat tablets.

there is no point on the windowsill. There is little sun. Today a day on a loggia in the sun made.

Don’t worry, everything’s fine with you, some of them transferred the transplant well, others are worse, the volumes are correct, pour sand into the glasses if the soil turns green. Have you removed the mesh from the tablets during the transplant?

figured out the soil ... well ... but here's the photo .... seedlings are sitting quite deep ... or is the photo not conveying information correctly? and what color is the seedling? here it’s very light ... if it’s light, it’s chlorinated ...

feed min.fertilizer, it won’t be worse, they really love top dressing. I feed with each watering, but the dosage is less.

this is the question that light. Take off what to do?


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