How to save chanterelle mushrooms for the winter: tips and secrets of experienced mushroom pickers

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Many connoisseurs of quiet hunting try to preserve the collected chanterelles qualitatively for the winter. Knowing the main storage methods and some of the most popular recipes, you can choose how, in each case, it is best to preserve the beneficial properties of mushrooms for a long time.

Storage after collection

Chanterelle mushrooms are quite deservedly popular in Russian cuisine and are in demand among domestic mushroom pickers due to their high quality, valuable and nutritious composition, as well as excellent taste characteristics. These tasty and healthy mushrooms, always growing in large quantities, appear in several waves from the beginning of summer to autumn. The bulk of the fruit bodies of chanterelles is formed in the period from July to the last decade of September.

However, the summer months are considered to be the best time for harvesting: July and August, when these mushrooms have the highest nutritional value and pronounced mushroom aroma. The fruit bodies of chanterelles contain a substance of chitinmannosis, which is capable of enveloping and quickly destroying pests, so these mushrooms are never wormy and stay fresh for a long time, for which they are loved by many mushroom pickers.

Chanterelles belong to the photophilous species, therefore, their collection is carried out in forest glades, along roads and clearings, as well as in open woodlands. The fruiting bodies of this agaric are quite fragile, so the collection must be done very carefully, in wicker boxes or baskets. Mushrooms must be processed immediately after harvest.

In a cool room, the shelf life of the collected chanterelles is only 24 hours. Even in the refrigerator, it is not recommended to store fruiting bodies for several days., which negatively affects the quality and taste characteristics of fruiting bodies. Initially, it is necessary to very carefully and carefully sort through the collected mushrooms, be sure to remove all wrinkled and old fruiting bodies, as well as forest debris. Mushrooms should be washed very carefully, due to the increased fragility and fragility of the fruiting body.

How to freeze chanterelles

Fried Mushroom Storage

A good way to harvest chanterelles for the winter is to store them fried. Each kilogram of fruit bodies peeled and washed in cold water should be dried a little on a towel and cut into small pieces. It is advisable to boil the mushrooms before frying. Add vegetable oil to a well-heated pan, add boiled mushrooms, add about 40 g of medium-sized salt and three bay leaves.

Fry the mushrooms over medium heat for ½ hour, before evaporating all the moisture. Tightly fill the clean, pre-sterilized, dry cans with mushrooms and pour the oil remaining in the pan. Cans hermetically sealed with lids, turn over and cover with a warm cloth until cool. Such a workpiece is perfectly stored in the refrigerator for at least six months. An open billet with fried chanterelles should be used within four days.

If desired, the fried mushrooms can be frozen, distributed in small containers or plastic containers, which will subsequently use such a simple preparation as an excellent addition to soups, mushroom dressing or when preparing side dishes.

How to store boiled chanterelles

Boiled chanterelles are very good in freezing. To prepare such a tasty and healthy preparation for the winter is very easy:

  • clean fruit bodies of impurities, old or damaged areas and plant debris;
  • Rinse fruit bodies very carefully several times under running water until dust and soil particles are completely removed;
  • pour the clean, sorted mushrooms into boiling water and boil over high heat for no more than five to seven minutes;
  • drain the water and cool the mushrooms;
  • sort the cooled mushrooms into dry and clean plastic containers or small plastic bags;
  • put packages or containers with mushrooms in the freezer.

The shelf life of frozen scalded chanterelles is approximately three months. Of course, such a product can be stored for much longer, but each subsequent month of storage negatively affects the taste characteristics and quality indicators. It is very important not to re-boil the chanterelles repeatedly frozen, since repeated freezing makes the fruiting bodies unsuitable for subsequent consumption for food purposes.

Drying technology

Initially, you should review the collected mushrooms, and select the most strong, young specimens suitable for drying. After manual cleaning, it is not recommended to expose the mushrooms by washing, since in this case the drying process is delayed and the storage of dried products worsens.

One of the most popular and common is the method of natural drying of mushrooms in the sun.. In this case, the fruiting bodies of the mushrooms should be stringed neatly on a string, and then hung out in a place well lit by sunlight and blown by the wind. The process of such natural drying takes no more than ten days.

A faster and more reliable way is to dry the mushrooms in the oven or Russian oven. Purified from forest debris and impurities, sorted mushrooms should be cut into small pieces and put on a baking sheet or wire rack, which should be placed in a pre-heated to 45-50aboutWith the oven. After the mushrooms are slightly dried, you need to take a short break, and notice to finally dry the chanterelles with the ajar oven door ajar.

Properly dried mushrooms fully retain not only all their nutritional properties, but also a characteristic mushroom aroma. Store dried chanterelles in gauze bags, which must be placed in a well-ventilated, dry and clean room. The standard temperature regime for storing dry mushrooms should be about 12 ° C. It is very important to regularly review dry mushrooms in order to prevent their mold. Also, if necessary, periodic drying of mushrooms in the oven is carried out.

Before use, dried mushrooms must be soaked for a couple of hours in room temperature water. Water after soaking can be used in the preparation of first courses or mushroom sauce. Soaking dry chanterelles in milk is practiced, which improves the taste of the cooked dish. If desired, dried mushrooms can be processed into mushroom powder, storage of which in winter has a number of advantages:

  • insignificant volume allows very efficient saving of storage space;
  • cooking takes a minimal amount of time and does not require pre-soaking of mushrooms;
  • mushroom powders belong to the category of more complete mushroom dishes, as they are absorbed as quickly and easily as possible.

You can grind dried mushrooms either in a hand mortar, or with a coffee grinder or a special pepper grinder. Store mushroom dry powder is best in clean glass containers with hermetically sealed lids. The average shelf life of mushroom powder without loss of taste and nutritional qualities is about two years.

Features salting and preservation

Salted mushrooms are a complement to many dishes of national cuisine and are used as a good cold snack. As a rule, a hot method is used for salting chanterelles, allowing you to get not only very tasty, but also a useful mushroom preparation:

  • it is desirable to use small and dense fruiting bodies that can maintain their shape and appearance during the heat treatment;
  • selected mushrooms should be carefully but thoroughly cleaned of debris and washed several times in cool water;
  • pour the prepared fruiting bodies into boiling water and boil for a quarter of an hour, after which the water is drained and the mushrooms washed with cold water;
  • put layers of chanterelles in an enameled pan, pouring with layers of salt at the rate of 50 g for each kilogram of mushrooms;
  • put a lid on top and bends.

Chanterelles for the winter: recipe

The process of pickling mushrooms lasts about a month, after which the finished workpiece must be stored in the refrigerator.

No less popular with housewives canning of chanterelles. This method perfectly allows you to permanently preserve all the beneficial properties of mushrooms. Glass cans are used for canning, and the whole process is carried out in several stages, including boiling and pouring the marinade spread on the banks of the mushrooms based on a liter of water, three tablespoons of salt, ½ cup sugar and a glass of table vinegar.

Rolled and sterilized cans with mushroom preparations should be stored in a cool and dry room for no more than a year.


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