What is the difference between strawberries and garden strawberries

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Hello. Please explain the difference between strawberries and strawberries? There are often disputes between neighbors in the country on this issue. Some believe that these are different plants, others argue that all the difference is only in the name.

If gardeners often find out how strawberries differ from strawberries, then scientists have a clear answer to this question: these plants belong to different species, although both of them came from wild strawberries, growing in Europe, Asia and America.

Wild strawberry, or pineapple (it is cultivated in most cases in garden plots) - a bisexual plant. This means that in one flower there are pistils and stamens. It is a self-pollinating crop. Berries appear on all bushes, have an oblong shape, are under three-leafed leaves or in row-spacings, their color is the same on all sides.

Strawberry, or nutmeg, is a plant in which male and female flowers are in different bushes. It got its name due to the shape of a fruit resembling a tangle. Berries grow only on female bushes, are higher than leaves, therefore they do not have uniform color: on the south side their color is more saturated and dark, can vary from red to purple. The taste is sour. Bushes are powerful, five-petalled leaves have a carved shape with clearly visible veins. Peduncles are much longer than that of a garden crop.

The taste and aroma of both berries can vary significantly: it depends on the varieties. Growing conditions are similar.

Some gardeners continue to grow strawberries, as scientists have bred several of its new varieties. But lately it has become less popular. The main reasons are small berries and low productivity.

How strawberries differ from strawberries


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