How to buy strawberries in the Timiryazevsky nursery

Please tell me what the Timiryazevsky nursery produces and sells? Are strawberries and strawberries grown there? I live in the Moscow region, I deal with varietal strawberries and wild strawberries. These crops degrade very quickly, so there is a need to periodically buy pure varietal specimens. I bought bushes on the market. Despite the assurances and guarantees, varietal signs were not found in them. I ordered seeds by mail - germination is low. Yes, and you have to wait a long time until the fruits appear and it becomes clear whether the variety was sold to me. Timiryazevsky nursery has a good reputation, it is customary to trust him. I don’t feel like going to the nursery just to find out about strawberries: you have to lose too much time. I think I will come for sure and immediately choose several varieties from the entire assortment.

In the Timiryazevsky nursery, strawberries are bred and sold. It is not the main and priority crop, but pure varietal material can be purchased there.

Timiryazevsky nursery, or, as it is also called, the Michurinsky garden, is truly one of the best and most reliable. It is part of the Timiryazev Academy, that is, a higher educational institution in which students are trained and research is conducted. The long history of the university and the Michurin Garden has allowed us to form the continuity of production of pure varietal material of a wide variety of plant species: from conifers to grassy crops like strawberries.

An interesting detail: the nursery website has an extensive catalog of varietal seedlings. Among them are strawberries and strawberries. But in the same place in the contacts section under the names of departments there is an invariable phrase: we do not give information on strawberries. It is unclear what this categoricality is connected with, but it testifies to the fact that the topic of strawberries and strawberries is extremely relevant for the population.

Perhaps this phrase also indicates that these services are not involved in strawberries. However, the fact that the nursery’s website contains not only data on cultivated crops, but also descriptions of the specifics and characteristics of the variety, speaks of a professional approach to breeding this group of plants.

So what does a person who wants to buy high-quality strawberries in Michurinsky garden do? The procedure may be as follows:

  1. You need to regularly go to the nursery’s website and browse the catalog of products sold. It constantly has information on the availability of goods. There is also a price list with a designation of prices for varieties of agricultural crops.
  2. The site has not only an address, but also an e-mail address where you can find out in detail about the availability of goods, the time and place of their purchase.
  3. You can come to purchase seedlings at any time in accordance with the work schedule.
  4. Despite the formidable warning that information on strawberries is not provided in the information departments, there are paragraphs on gardening consultations on the site in the "Our Services" section.

Get culture only in the nursery. At a nearby fair, seeds and seedlings are also sold by the local population, which does not guarantee varietal purity.

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