Rose Black Magic: Feature of a Popular Variety

Rose Black Magic, or Rose Black Magic, belongs to the family of tea-hybrid varieties obtained by German breeders. This unusual cutting variety has become popular along with the most common garden varieties and has proven itself when grown in the harsh soil and climatic conditions of Australia, California and South Africa. In our country, cultivation of the Black Magic variety is mainly carried out by experienced amateur gardeners able to provide the plant with a high level of agricultural technology.

Grade description

The attention of amateur gardeners is drawn to the description of buds that are so dark burgundy in color that in daylight they can appear almost black. Fully bloomed flowers of black and red color, with dark raspberry petals in the central part. Roses of this variety are medium in size, have very delicately bent down petals.

The formation of color water. Sometimes flowering is observed, including about four flowers. The rose bush of the Black Magic variety has good growth power, it is erect, with sufficient leafiness. Young growths may have a characteristic bronze color. Despite the fact that the variety was obtained by breeders of the German kennel "Rosen Tantau" more than twenty years ago, in the reference literature it is described very briefly.

Reason for popularity

Hybrid tea variety "Black Magic" favorably differs not only in maroon cup-shaped flowers, consisting of fifty velvet petals, but also in its magnificent unobtrusive, but bright aroma. The bud has a pronounced, attractive conical shape, and the dimensions are on average 6.0-6.5 cm. The leaves are also very expressive, bright green in color, with a shiny surface, covering single, not too long spikes. The high level of resistance to high temperature indicators has made this variety a favorite in countries with hot and dry climates.

The awards received by this variety in various nominations only confirm its popularity and international fame:

  • prize "Golden Rose" - 2000, Baden-Baden;
  • prize for continuous flowering - 2010, AARS;
  • prize in the nomination "Queen of the show" - 2011, AARS.

The rose Black Magic has become especially popular in the gardens near Moscow, where it adapts perfectly to soil and climatic conditions and is capable of long and plentiful flowering.

How to plant a rose

Features of agricultural technology

When growing tea hybrid varieties, it is recommended to pay attention to the following features of planting and care:

  • for landing Rose Black Magic, it is desirable to highlight the southern part of the site, protected from strong winds or drafts and well lit by sunlight;
  • planting pits for planting rose seedlings should be deep and wide enough, and the soil in the holes should be warmed up in the sun and well moistened;
  • Hybrid tea varieties are best planted in the fall, from September to mid-October;
  • to plant seedlings of such a decorative culture as roses, it is necessary with a distance of 30–35 cm from each other and an interval of 80–90 cm in the row-spacings, which will provide the plant with an optimal nutritional area for full growth and development, as well as greatly facilitate care;

  • in the early spring period, emphasis should be placed on the introduction of nitrogen-containing fertilizers, and starting from the second half of the summer, preference should be given to phosphorus-potassium top dressing of the bushes;
  • annual pruning of adult bushes of this variety should be carried out to stimulate the formation of strong basal shoots and obtain a more decorative, abundantly flowering bush;
  • as the plants age, they annually completely remove about two or three of the most deformed and weak shoots;
  • in the spring period, and if necessary in the summer, annual prophylactic treatment with insecticidal and fungicidal agents is carried out;
  • rose bushes of this variety overwinter well with careful shelter for the winter with preliminary removal of flowers and leaves;
  • as a shelter, you can use soil on top of which roofing material or any other warming material is laid.

Important to remember, that the higher the acidity of the soil in the area, the blacker the ebb of the petals on the rose. Black magic.

Use in garden decor

The landscape design of the plot with Black Magic roses can be performed in almost any style, but some rules of garden design should be considered:

  • to form an elegant and modern composition with hybrid tea roses, various types of herbaceous plants, both annual and perennials, are used;
  • a good result is given by placing in the background a flower bed of lilac, pale blue and white delphiniums or daylilies of pastel colors;
  • Aquilegia, digitalis or dim monards look very attractive as an addition to Rose Black Magic;
  • an excellent background for rose bushes can serve as a well-groomed lawn from forbs, as well as planting ornamental shrubs represented by hawthorn, steppe almonds, broom, spirea or Japanese quince.

However, according to the majority of landscape designers, black roses look best against the background of deciduous shrubs such as cotoneaster, chubushnik, privet, viburnum and honeysuckle, and it is recommended to shade pink bushes with silver goof.

Florist reviews

Of course, all experienced flower growers know that roses with completely black colored petals do not exist, but red varieties with a pronounced black tint are invariably popular. One of these varieties was "Black Magic", which is successfully cultivated in many countries of the world.

According to the reviews of flower growers, if you correctly prune the rose bushes of this hybrid tea variety, the shoots will be long and regular, and the flowers are perfect for cutting. The minor disadvantages of Rose Black Magic include the lack of a strong aroma, like the varieties "Verano" or "Queen Elizabeth", but this is a matter of taste. Also cons include a relatively thin stem, bending under the weight of large flowers, and a weak terry, which causes a quick and full opening of the flower.

Hybrid Tea Roses: Description

The variety is quite unpretentious and undemanding to soil moisture, but the flowers are distinguished by increased photophilia, therefore, with a lack of lighting, varietal signs and color features of the petals disappear. Rose Black Magic is sufficiently resistant to many diseases, and multiple treatments of rose bushes are not required. Also, according to the observations of amateur gardeners, "Black Magic" is very demanding on the soil composition, in particular on the number of trace elements in the soil, so fertilizers must be systematically applied throughout the flowering period.

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