Potato Lazar: characteristics of the variety and the rules of agricultural technology

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My wife and I decided this year to plant a new variety of potatoes in the country. The choice fell on Lazarus. I would like to know more about this variety.

Potato Lazar, the description and characteristics of which are given by the originator of SibNIISH, is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation and recommended for cultivation in the West Siberian region. This mid-season variety with excellent taste has many advantages and is often used for starch processing and the production of chips.

Grade description

Bushes of medium height, intermediate type, upright. Corollas are white. Leaves of medium size, intermediate type, dark green. Root crops are oval-round, red, with a smooth peel and small eyes. The pulp is white. The starch content is 17.8-23%. The weight of the root crop is 71-161 g.

The period from seedlings to technical maturity is 90-110 days. Productivity - 173-295 kg / ha. The maximum yield is 435 kg / ha.

Valuable qualities

Potato Lazarus, in addition to resistance to the causative agent of potato cancer, late blight and viral diseases, It has a number of advantages that make it valuable for cultivating cultivars in personal plots:

  • high starchiness;
  • suitability for making crisp;
  • good taste;
  • high productivity;
  • excellent drought tolerance.

When grown from botanical seeds, the variety shows a high and friendly germination. Also, potatoes are distinguished by a quick set of mass of tubers.

Features of agricultural technology

When growing Lazar variety, it is important to comply with the planting dates. Prepared and sprouted seed potatoes are best planted on fertile, loamy and loamy, cultivated and light soils. Landing should be carried out when the soil at a 10-centimeter depth warms up to at least +8 ° C.

The potato area is well dug up, and then maximally straight grooves are made on the cord with a depth of 8-10 cm, leaving a distance between rows of about 60-70 cm, and between planting holes - at least 30 cm. Thickening and rarefaction of the plantings negatively affect the size and quality potato tubers.

Watering is carried out depending on the weather, the region of cultivation and the condition of the soil. With insufficient moisture, the death of potato stolons is very often observed. Furrow irrigation, rather than sprinkling, shows the best results.

To get a good harvest, potatoes are fed basic nutrients. For the first feeding, you can use diluted manure, bird droppings (which is very rich in nitrogen). Wood ash as a fertilizer is applied at the rate of 20 g per plant.

Potato: variety selection

Potato growers reviews

Gardeners very positively evaluate the Lazar variety: it is highly resistant to adverse weather factors and the most common diseases. In addition, potatoes have excellent tuber quality and excellent taste. High digestibility makes Lazarus one of the best varieties of tableware: it makes a wonderful magnificent mashed potatoes.


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