How to organize hydroponics for strawberries with your own hands

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Many amateur gardeners are interested in whether hydroponics is done with their own hands for strawberries, how much it is in demand, what varieties exist, how this system is installed and works.

Principles of Hydroponics

Hydroponics is an unconventional way to grow plants without using soil. It is organized so that all the necessary mineral and nutrients for their development will be delivered from an artificial environment, most often liquid. A nutrient solution for the normal development of plants is required.

The hydroponic method of growing cultivated plants is designed to produce high yields of various berries throughout the year.

Most often, strawberries are grown hydroponically. Using this method allows you to collect tasty, healthy, environmentally friendly berries in large quantities. This can further serve as the basis for organizing a profitable strawberry sales business.

Hydroponic strawberry cultivation includes the following main components:

  • the acquisition of a suitable variety;
  • selection of artificial substrate;
  • preparation for watering a special solution;
  • system installation work;
  • special care for plants.

According to experienced gardeners, when growing strawberries on an artificial substrate, the repairing high-yielding varieties showed themselves well: Festivalnaya, Mount Everest, Olbia, Gorekla, Generous, Vola, Korona and others.

Having picked up a suitable grade of strawberry, it is necessary to decide on the artificial environment where it will grow. The medium should be loose, moisture-resistant, with good air traffic. The following materials can be used as a substrate: coconut, gravel, expanded clay, peat, perlite, mineral wool, etc.

Hydroponic Strawberry Growing Conditions

The important components of obtaining a good strawberry crop in a hydroponic way are: special watering, favorable ambient temperature, and sufficient illumination.

With special care, you should approach the manufacture of a solution for irrigating strawberries with hydroponics. Improperly prepared culture media can kill plants.

The special solution is based on distilled water, soft, clean, without impurities. Depending on the stage of plant growth and the time of year, the required amount of mineral salts, taken in advance in a small amount of water, separately from each other, is taken and everything is mixed. Hydroponic strawberry watering solution can be purchased in specialized stores ready-made.

When growing plants hydroponically, conditions are very important: ambient temperature and light. Daylight hours for repairing strawberry varieties should be at least 18 hours. For this, fluorescent lamps can be used. Favorable air temperature for the specified plant: during the day - + 25 ° C, and at night - + 16 ° C.

Home hydroponics

Floating platform device

There are many different ways to get strawberries hydroponic at home. Among them, the most popular among gardeners are:

  • drip irrigation system;
  • floating platform device.

Knowing the correct technology of each of these methods, you can easily grow berries with your own hands at home.

One of the simple and effective methods of hydroponic strawberry cultivation is the floating platform device. Its essence lies in the fact that on a special platform of light material containers with seedlings are installed, the roots of which are immersed in a nutrient solution.

For the manufacture of a system of this type you will need:

  • compressor with a spray;
  • containers for seedlings;
  • substrate;
  • larger opaque container;
  • Styrofoam.

Tanks with seedlings of plants are installed on the foam sheet so that their roots are free. A nutrient solution is poured into an opaque container and a foam sheet with seedlings is placed, the roots of which fall into the liquid. A compressor spray intended for aeration of the solution is placed on the bottom of the tank. We should not forget about creating favorable conditions for strawberries.

Hydroponic strawberries at home

Installation of a drip irrigation system

Another interesting hydroponic method for growing strawberries at home is the drip irrigation system. Installing the specified system will not cause difficulties even for beginners.

The principle of operation of this method consists in the constant supply of nutrients to the roots of plants using droppers.

To build a drip irrigation system, it is necessary to prepare the following devices and materials in advance:

  • spray pump;
  • hoses;
  • tubules for each plant;
  • containers for seedlings;
  • substrate;
  • base frame;
  • tanks with nutrient solution;
  • pallet;
  • screwdriver with nozzles.

On a special frame, containers for seedlings are installed at a distance of about 25 cm from each other. A substrate is placed in each container and a plant is planted. The entire irrigation system, including the pump with a sprayer, the tanks for the nutrient solution containing the necessary fertilizers, and the pallet are assembled together using hoses and tubes. For this, a screwdriver with nozzles is used.

Under the influence of the pump, the solution from the tanks is supplied first through hoses upward, and then through tubes to the root system of each plant. The remainder of the fertilizer flows into the pallet and merges back into the tank.

The necessary air temperature and a sufficient degree of illumination should be provided for good plant growth.

Growing strawberries on the windowsill in a hydroponic way, instead of a pump, hoses and tubes, you can use wicks made of nylon tights that connect the container with a nutrient solution to the roots of plants.

Thus, knowing the structure of simple hydroponic methods for growing strawberries and the basic rules for caring for it, you can easily get high yields of healthy and tasty berries all year round.


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