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The story of the hard-working and loving cottage Abramov family was published as part of a joint competition between Karcher and.

Our plot in the village is exactly the same as we dreamed of: both from the edge, without neighbors, and in the center of the village, around it are pine, and Christmas tree, and oak, and birch, and linden, and lilac, maple and mountain ash. On the plot itself, apple and pear, currants and raspberries grow, cherries and cherries, plums and cherry plums grow. And, of course, flowers and ornamental plants.

Next year, our house in the village will turn 100 years old. For the anniversary we are preparing a gift for him - a new home.

The new house was completely built by the hands of my husband, and I designed and calculated everything.

The husband and daughter and I poured the foundation and concrete base on our own using a concrete mixer. A timber box and a roof were made together. On his own, for the first time in his life, the husband folded two complex stoves inside with fireclay bricks, one with a fireplace on the first floor and a small stove with a glass door on the second, the second with a shield on the second floor. The husband made large triangular wooden attic windows. There is still a lot of work ahead - plumbing and sewage, electrics, floors and ceilings, interior decoration and furniture. And all this will be done with their own hands. But the road will be overpowered by the walking one.

The house, as it should be for a newborn, is born in agony, but, like with a child, agony will soon be forgotten and only happiness will remain, not only for my husband and me, but also for our entire small family - our wonderful daughter and beloved dog. Happiness is to hear the silence and chatter of cicadas, the nightingale and the sound of rain on the roof, to inhale the aromas of flowering herbs and flowers, to taste the fruits of your labor and to be surprised every time how delicious they are.

In the meantime, my husband takes care of the house, I grow flowers and shrubs, plant vegetables, dry and preserve the gifts of nature.

And slowly, the site acquires those features that we would like to see in it: cozy and beautiful corners, picturesque turns of the path, lilac and mock-up trees covered with morning dew, rose buds hiding in the shade of a burdock host, a bench in a secret corner, a welcoming porch with cozy armchairs and barbecue.

Something is already ready, something else is only in the project, but it will be, it will certainly be ...


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