How best to fence currant bushes

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Soon the period of ovary of shrubs, both berry, gooseberry family, and various flowering, will begin. The question arises - how to fence currant bushes as the most often planted plant. The main problem of caring for shrubs is their protection both from the wind, and from birds and rodents. To protect against wind, stands for branches and a general fence of the bush are built. Note that fences for currant bushes can be either devices purchased in the store or made with your own hands from improvised materials.

In spring, currants, like other berry shrubs, are subject to a thorough examination for dried shoots. They must be cleaned in a timely manner. This increases productivity and facilitates the flow of fertilizers and water to the roots and trunk of the shrub. At the same time, the fence should be stable and strong, but allow access to both the roots and lower branches of the bush.

The principle of fencing bushes

The easiest way to fence is to use a wooden square on four props. The props have a length of about 1/3 of the bush. In this case, you can use both rogul (circle), and a square or any convenient geometric figure. You can apply standard methods, for example:

  • put a stick and tie the main branch to it on one side of the bush;
  • purchase metal devices with a hoop for garter bushes;
  • to build a decorative fence by painting it in bright colors in the form of a square or circle.

Stands can be different. It all depends on the wishes and possibilities. You can buy them in any garden shop or on the market.

Functionally, the fence is designed not only to raise the branches of the bush, but also has an aesthetic focus on decorating the garden, garden, and also performs the function of protecting against animals.

What materials will be required for independent shrub fencing

For the full construction of a wooden fence, the following materials will come in handy:

  • picket or bars;
  • stakes from various trees;
  • white spirit or varnish for yachts and a brush for it;
  • several screws in sizes 4 by 50 and 5 by 80 mm;
  • roulettes of 3 and 10 meters;
  • level and ax;
  • saw, preferably circular, can grinder and corner;
  • hacksaw, planer;
  • drill on the battery;
  • screwdriver, hammer.

It all depends on the chosen option of the fence. As the main material, the old hoop, tabletop, wire, the rim of the old bicycle wheel, rope and many other materials that came out of their own functional can be used, it all depends on the imagination and the possibility of manufacturing.

Let us consider in more detail the recommendations for the necessary materials.

Why is it better to use yacht varnish? The reason is its characteristics and resistance to manifestations of the external environment.

If a bar longer than half a meter is used, we divide it with a saw into 8 equal parts. If ready-made picket fences are used as holders, then we shorten them to 1/3 of the height of the bush. The axes are sharpened with an ax, and with the help of a plane, the stakes are processed before applying the varnish. White spirit is used to rinse brushes after applying varnish.

Screws are required to strengthen all parts together. Each part is varnished separately, and the second layer is superimposed on the finished product.

Currant bush fencing

Quick ways to fence bushes

Above were indicated ways of using obsolete materials (countertop, bicycle wheel, etc.).

Consider examples of the implementation of such fences.

Using bicycle wheels is a very convenient way to quickly enclose a bush.

To do this, you will additionally need a rope or wire in the form of a base stand.

For the manufacture of 3-4 support for the bushes, which can be both iron (pipe) and wood.

The main thing is to choose a circle according to the size of the bush or rectangle.

Variants of using countertops for supporting bushes or wire supports allow you to not throw out old furniture, but to effectively use it.

If the plant is very tall, then it is worth using the method of fencing from 2 sides with "crosses" in the form of a stand under the branches. In this case, the bottom of the fence can be covered by any means from the above.

All kinds of materials are quite adapted for their use, including in garden areas.

If you want the plant to be preserved in winter, you can put glass bottles with the neck inside in the fence, which will look like a decorative element of the site and retain heat.

Also do not forget to condense the ground near the currant, i.e. a moisture-loving shrub should be surrounded by a kind of roller from the earth, sawdust, stones, so that the water does not spread around before the time, giving the bush enough moisture. By the way, this will help with plant nutrition.

One of the options for protection both from rodents from the outside, and from the possibility of water spreading during irrigation, is the use of car tires.

Whatever type of fence is chosen, it is worth remembering 3 components:

  • structural strength;
  • accessibility of roots and lower branches;
  • protection against rodents and moisture retention.

Currants, like other bush plants, are often planted in the form of a hedge, not always worrying about it. This fence requires a fence as protection from the environment and the formation of a beautiful contour and functionality, and most importantly, the productivity of berry bushes.

Independent production of fencing for shrubs will allow not only to compete with neighbors in the uniqueness of design, but also in craftsmanship.

The foundation for creativity in the form of a solid foundation can be purchased in the store and decorated as you wish.

Supports, supports, garters for garden shrubs


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