The use of the drug "Epin-extra" in indoor and outdoor plant growing

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The drug "Epin-extra" is one of the most popular and in demand among flower growers and summer residents in our country. Artificially synthesized phytohormones, which are necessary for the full growth and development of any plants, are part of the product, and not only help to increase yield indicators, but also protect crops from the adverse effects of the environment.

Similar biological growth stimulants and immunomodulators have become widely used relatively recently., but have already managed to win many positive reviews and get a high rating of effectiveness.

The composition of the drug and instructions

The biostimulator "Epin" is characterized as a highly effective fertilizer, and a solution based on it has a versatile effect and is used for the following purposes:

  • decrease in the volume of heavy metals in the plant;
  • decrease in nitrate accumulation rates;
  • adaptation of plants and crops to cold and dry periods;
  • increased resistance to sunburn;
  • increased resistance to diseases and pests;
  • increased stress tolerance during transplantation;
  • increased resistance of tomatoes to late blight;
  • seed treatment with a solution in order to accelerate germination and increase germination rates;
  • increase in indicators of the general productivity of plants.

The fertilizer synthesized under artificial conditions is a powerful analogue of a natural substance. The composition of the drug was developed by the company "NEST-M". The authorship belongs to N.N. Malevannoy.

Pure preparation "Epin" is an alcohol solution of epibrassinolide at a concentration of 0.25 g / l, the release of such fertilizer was suspended. A fitting replacement for the original composition was Epin-Extra. It is more convenient to use a solution with a reduced concentration of epibrassinolide, and today this active substance is produced by microbiological technology. Each package is accompanied by instructions for usethanks to which it is very easy to use the adaptogen preparation.

"Epin-extra": fertilizer for plants

Use for seedlings

The use of "Epin" when growing seedlings of both vegetable or green crops, and indoor plants, allows to achieve the highest possible results. Each plant needs an individual approach, and the method of pre-planting processing may vary depending on the type of crop.

Name of cultureFeatures of useAmount of drugAmount of water
Vegetable SeedDilute the working solution and soak the seeds for five hours at a temperature of 19-20 ° CA couple drops100 ml
Flower seedDilute the working solution and soak the flower seeds for eight hours at a temperature of 19-20 ° CFour drops100 ml
Bulbs of flower cropsSoaking in a working solution before planting for a day1 ml2 l
Cuttings are green or lignifiedSoaking in working solution before planting for twelve hours1 ml2 l
Grown seedlingsSpray with a working solution at the stage of a pair of real leaves and a couple of days before transplanting to a permanent placeFive drops500 ml
Seed potatoSpraying prepared tubers with working solution before planting1 ml250 ml

You should use the drug, diluted in strict accordance with the instructions: even a weak overdose can have a negative effect on the growth and development of the plant. If the Epin-Extra is diluted correctly, then the preparation practically does not pose a danger to humans and pollinating insects and belongs to hazard class III-B. After preparation, the solution can be stored in a dark place for no more than a day. The duration of the effect of the drug on the culture is about two weeks, after which "Epin-extra" is completely removed from the plant.

Application for indoor and other plants

Spray gardening vegetative plants should be in the morning or after sunset, choosing a dry and calm day for this event. To obtain a standard working solution, it is necessary to dilute 1 ml (forty drops) of the drug in 5 l of water at room temperature. When spraying indoor or garden crops, it is necessary to carry out uniform wetting of the leaves.

Name of cultureFirst processing timeAdditional Processing Dates
Watermelon and melonAfter the appearance of the fifth true leafletFlowering phase
EggplantThe stage of mass formation of budsFlowering phase
PepperThe stage of mass formation of budsFlowering phase
GrapeDifferentiation of inflorescencesMass flowering phase
White cabbageOutlet formationNot used
PotatoesStage buddingNot used
Onion setThe appearance of several leaves 5-6 cm longNot used
CucumbersThe formation of the third true leafletStage active budding
Fruit and berry plantsThe stage of formation of budsThree weeks after the first treatment
TomatoesThe stage of formation of budsThe formation of the first fruit brush
Flower crops, including rosesBudding phaseNot used
Coniferous plant resuscitationIn the presence of visible and significant damageThree weeks after the first treatment

Analogues of the drug

A natural biological plant stimulant called "Epin-maxi" is an adaptogen with a pronounced anti-stress effect and, along with "Epin-extra", receives very flattering reviews from gardeners, gardeners and vegetable growers. The active ingredient in the aginomix "Epin-maxi" is brassinolide at a concentration of 0.025g / kg, and a convenient dosage makes it easy to perform a standard dilution of the drug to obtain a highly effective working solution.

Many owners of garden and household plots have successfully used both drugs not only in standard treatments, but also as immunostimulants in adverse growing conditions.

Among the popular and well-known domestic gardeners analogues "Epina-extra" can also include:

  • Zircon, diluted at the rate of one drop per 250 ml of water;
  • "Domotsvet", bred at the rate of two drops per 500 ml of water;
  • "Rabav", bred at the rate of two drops per liter of water;
  • "Ecosil" or "Novosil", bred at the rate of five drops per liter of water;
  • "Vitalizer NV-101", bred at the rate of two drops per liter of water.

"Epin-extra": instructions for use

Even with a significant decrease in temperature, lack of lighting and diseases, spraying, carried out every 7-10 days, allow plants to quickly grow stronger and form a rich, high-quality crop.


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