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When you cook pastries, all your households know about it: you can’t hide the smell anywhere. Exceptional aroma, spreading around the house, pleases the whole family, in the house it becomes more comfortable and warm. And every housewife, of course, wants her pastries to look as appetizing and bright as possible - golden and ruddy. And attempts to find some new trick so that the pies and rolls were rosy, do not stop to this day.

In the oven, the pies seem perfect, and when they are taken out, many housewives are upset: there is no appearance that we would like. The appearance of the pies can be different - it will not affect the taste. Matte, glossy - some others are no worse. But I want to achieve the best option.

Who uses what

The main role in the appearance, of course, is the lubrication of pies, rolls, pies and all baking. And here you need to understand correctly - what and when to properly lubricate baked goods. There are mistresses who put the future pie in the oven, without lubricating them in advance. They do this at the end of the baking process, when they take the finished product out of the oven: they lubricate it, they get the required gloss - the result is obvious. Others use the option of processing still raw dough. Lubricate it and only then put it in the oven. This method gives a uniformly fried and browned crust - its gloss looks like a varnish coating.

There are also those who allow the pastries to get a little grasp in the oven, only then covers it with whipped yolk. The dough with this option does not burn, the color of the product becomes saturated and even. For glossy pastries, grease it before putting it in the oven. Apply the mixture to raw dough.

What can be used (lubrication before baking):

  1. Egg white, which must be separated from the yolk. Then the protein needs to be beaten into a stable white foam. And then grease the dough. The pastries will be rosy and sparkling.
  2. The next option is to beat the eggs whole. When using this method, the baked goods will become rosy as a result, but the color, in most cases, will be too pale.
  3. You can also add a small amount of butter or warm milk to the beaten egg. In this case, the baking will become soft, the aroma will be more saturated.
  4. There is the option of lubricating baking with strong brewed tea. You need to brew three tablespoons of loose tea + three tablespoons of sugar in a glass of water. Cool. And grease the product before putting it in the oven, as well as a few minutes before readiness. The end result will be a pleasant chocolate color and an unusual light tea flavor.
  5. A bright color of baking is achieved by spreading with vegetable or butter. It is better to take corn or olive, but the most ordinary will do. Strong shine will not be. Vegetable oil for lubricating puff pastry baking is ideal. Creamy is best used for fresh, yeast or butter products. The aroma will be unique.
  6. Many housewives use sour cream to smear sweet pastries. And mayonnaise - for greasing unsweetened. It is necessary, as in all other variants of lubrication of the product, to ensure that the layer is very thin.
  7. In the variant of greasing baking using whole eggs (yolk + protein), the resulting egg foam is applied in a thin layer, otherwise the baking in the oven may crack.
  8. When lubricating the product before baking with egg foam, be careful. Getting on a baking sheet, the egg mass can stick products to it during the baking process.

What can be used for ready-made baking:

  1. Preheat the milk and smear the finished baked goods already when you remove the baking sheet from the oven: the milk will make the crust softer and “make” shine. You can warm the milk, dissolve a little sugar in it and grease the pastries a few minutes before cooking - the color will become more saturated.
  2. You can grease the finished baked goods with melted butter, taking it out of the oven, transferring it from the baking sheet to paper or parchment. Baking is glossy and has an additional fragrant aroma.
  3. There is the option of lubricating the finished baking with sugar syrup. It is necessary to prepare sugar syrup (add 0.1 kg of sugar in 0.4 l of boiling water, wait for it to completely dissolve) and grease unheated pastries over the entire surface with a brush. Gloss guaranteed.
  4. Or you can use plain water. Brush a small amount of water on top of the buns. This will give the effect of softening the crust and create the appearance of nacre.

How to lubricate baking

  1. In order for the products you bake to become shiny, even and neat, you need to lubricate it directly along, with gentle brush strokes along the top. Strong pressure will cause deformation. It is best to lubricate the prepared product with one stroke, from start to finish. Otherwise, the mixture may lie unevenly and this will result in stripes that will not look aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Use special pastry brushes. Ideal brushes are those made of silicone. It is not necessary to buy some expensive and professional brushes. It is quite enough ordinary silicone, which is sold in all hardware stores and costs about 30 rubles. Such a brush is very convenient to use when it is necessary to apply a liquid mass: it does not scratch the product.
  3. If such a brush is missing, you can use a small piece of gauze. You just need to put it in several layers. In very exceptional cases, when there is nothing at all of the above at hand, you can use a chicken feather. The main thing is to ensure that when using gauze, there are no threads left on the product, and hairs do not drip from the feather.
  4. Lubrication of pies must be done with a very thin layer. If greased with a thick layer, the grease will leak, leaving smudges. Appearance will be spoiled. It must be remembered that the patties are smeared solely to give a more beautiful appearance. Examination of the lubricant applied to the product can interrupt the taste of the finished product. And all the labors will be in vain.
  5. And, of course, we must remember that a beautiful crust will be on the product only if the temperature of the oven is set correctly. Low temperatures will produce soft pastries. Baking at 200 ° Ϲ guarantees your product a golden crust.

How to lubricate a cake and pies

Whatever method you use, there is always the option to come up with something yourself. Each housewife has a secret how to make baking perfect, but not every one reveals it. Try something your own: change the proportions, add other ingredients that, in your opinion, can improve the appearance and taste of baking. Culinary and confectionery art is always an experiment.


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