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Currant is a tasty and healthy berry, but growing it is laborious. Therefore, more and more people are interested in how to grow standard currants. The fact is that the cultivation of standard currants requires significantly less labor and is not particularly difficult. How to grow such a currant, even an inexperienced gardener will figure it out. And care for the standard currant is much easier than for the usual.

What is a standard currant? A stem is a part of the trunk from the root to the first branch of the crown. And the bush plant grown on the stem will no longer look like a bush, but like a small tree. The plants began to give the stamped form to the first in Europe with a decorative purpose. Subsequently, gardeners noticed that the berries of currants grown on the stem are much larger, tastier and more aromatic than ordinary. This happens because the berries receive more sunlight. Over time, a number of advantages of this form of cultivation were noticed and some of its disadvantages were identified.

Advantages and disadvantages of the standard form of cultivation

Surprisingly, the advantages of this form of cultivation compared to traditional ones were many. That is why she quickly gained such widespread popularity.

  1. The berries are larger, tasty and fragrant; berry brushes are much larger. This happens because of their better illumination, and also because the plant does not spend strength and nutrients on the formation of basal shoots.
  2. Crop ripening occurs much faster due to better illumination and the preservation of nutrients and forces that could be spent on the formation of shoots.
  3. There are practically no crop losses, because the fruiting branches do not touch the ground, which means that the berries do not deteriorate.
  4. The plant is less susceptible to the attack of pests living in the ground, because the fruiting branches are located at a distance from the ground. And due to the fact that it is formed in one trunk, it is easier to protect and to rid it of these pests, if necessary.
  5. The life expectancy and fruiting of such a plant is much higher.
  6. The bush requires less labor when leaving and when harvesting, because it does not have to bend over and less likely to damage the hands with closely spaced branches.
  7. As a seedling suitable cuttings with one bud at the top. That is, if a seedling is found that is not too suitable for growing currants in a bush form, then a good tree can be grown from it instead of a bad bush.
  8. The stamped form makes it possible to use the entire garden area with maximum benefit, because under the trees you can plant various shade-loving plants. A neat crown allows you to plant plants closer to each other than with traditional cultivation.
  9. Decorative view of the bushes.

There are not so many shortcomings, but they are still there, and you need to pay attention to them:

  1. The high trunk trunk does not completely cover with snow, which means that plants will need to be wrapped with covering material for the winter period to avoid frost damage. Blackcurrant is more afraid of frost than red.
  2. Stem plants break from the wind, so they need strong supports.
  3. Productivity sharply decreases after 7 years, and there is no possibility to restore it.

Stem Currant

How to grow a currant tree

It is easy to grow a standard currant. To do this, you need to understand the main difference between the standard form and the bush form: when growing shrubs, root shoots are necessary. For their best development, the seedling is planted with an inclination. When growing a tree, these shoots are not needed, therefore, a seedling is planted at a right angle. For the same purpose, before planting, it is necessary to remove all buds and additional shoots from the root neck of the seedling, as well as all buds from the seedling and along its entire length except the topmost one. And to prevent their development in the future and reduce the work of care, you can put on a seedling before planting a light-tight tube to the height of the desired trunk, dipping it a little into the ground. You can not use a light-tight tube, but regularly cut off shoots that appear at an undesirable height. To develop a more powerful root system, the seedling needs to be planted 10 cm deeper than with traditional cultivation.

One of the prerequisites for the cultivation of standard currants is the installation of a support, because even a not too strong wind can damage these trees.

In the second year of the plant's life, it is necessary to remove from it all the shoots that have appeared, with the exception of the two strongest at the desired height of the beginning of the crown. When the standard currant reaches the required height, pinching should be done on its top for better development of the crown. To do this, in the third year it is necessary to pinch all the new shoots with a length of more than 10 cm. In the future, shoots that have stopped bearing fruit are cut, leaving two new ones in place of the old one.

There are some features of the standard form of currant, knowing about which, you can avoid many problems and unnecessary hassle:

  1. For standard currants, an excess of the dose of nitrogen fertilizers is unacceptable.
  2. The growth of the tree slows down every year. This is considered normal for the standard form.
  3. In the fourth year of life, the stem currant has an increased growth of root shoots that need to be removed.
  4. Black currant on the stem is more sensitive to freezing of branches than red, and therefore it is impossible to grow it in regions with a cold climate.

Fairytale landscape on the site

Among currant trees you can place figures of fairy creatures, and then it will look even more interesting. Photos of children taken in such a grove will bring them many pleasant minutes. You can also shoot an amateur video in it, dressing up children and adults in costumes of fairy-tale characters. It will delight for a long time not only the participants and all those present during the shooting, but also all those who will be able to watch it.

How to grow a standard currant


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