How to plant a rose on a dogrose

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Roses - elegant and refined plants - often decorate flower gardens of personal plots. To get a full-fledged and abundantly flowering plant, you should correctly and timely plant a rose on a wild rose or other frost-resistant rootstock.

Rootstock preparation

Rosehip is a very worthy stock for a rose and often acts in this role. It has a strong and well-developed root system, and also has good resistance to damage by pests and diseases. A rose correctly grafted to a dog rose has sufficient winter hardiness.

As a rule, stock production is carried out in the autumn period:

  • ideal for harvesting rosehip bush with powerful and long young shoots without branching, growing from the base;
  • with a sharp secateurs, it is necessary to cut all the shoots, and one, the most powerful one, to leave for the formation of the rose stem;
  • lateral branches from the left shoot must be shortened to a length of 20 cm, after which the plant should be carefully dug up;
  • rosehip prepared in this way should be stored until spring in a cool room;
  • in the early spring, you should inspect the stock for the presence of dead or broken roots, carry out their sanitary pruning and immerse in a clay mash with the addition of a root stimulant.

When planting a stock for a permanent place, it is necessary to deepen not only the root neck, but also the beginning of the stem. Planting should be carried out in the area allocated for the flower garden.

You can grow stock material from rosehip seeds, but this method is more time-consuming and long.

It should be remembered that climbing and semi-climbing varieties of roses need to be planted on a high stalk. For the inoculation of hybrid tea, polyanthus and rose floribunda roses, middle legs are best suited. Weak rose varieties should be inoculated on low stems.

How to plant a rose on a dogrose

Spring and summer vaccination technology

Amateur gardeners know several options for grafting roses on rose hips. Most often, budding or vaccination with a kidney is carried out, which is best done in the summer, approximately in July, but if necessary, it can be done in the spring. Even novice flower growers can plant a plant in this way, you just need to be guided by the following step-by-step instruction:

  • gently cut with a sharp garden knife from a rose bush not flowering shoots with well-formed buds;
  • carefully remove the grassy tops on the cut shoots;
  • cut the cuttings from the middle, slightly lignified part of the cut shoots;
  • wrap the prepared cuttings in a richly moistened cloth;
  • on the apical part of the rootstock, use a sharp knife to make a T-shaped incision with a length of not more than two centimeters;
  • on the prepared handle, acting as a scion, choose the most developed and powerful kidney;
  • cut a thin layer of wood with a selected kidney and, having turned away the bark on the stock, establish a budding shield;
  • the vaccination site must be tied with polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride.

Sowing is considered successful if a green swollen kidney is formed on the site of fusion of the scion and stock.

Features of vaccination in the butt

If it is not possible to carry out a T-shaped vaccination, the method of grafting a rose on a stock from a rosehip to a butt is applied. The procedure is quite simple and quite successfully carried out even by beginner amateur gardeners:

  • a week before vaccination, it is necessary to increase the volume of watering of the stock, which will accelerate its survival and improve sap flow in the plant;
  • the root neck of the rootstock must be freed from the soil and cleaned of adhering dirt, a rootstock that is of high quality and suitable for grafting should have a white or light yellow bark;
  • with a clean and sharp garden knife, remove the bark;
  • on a place freed from the bark, attach a kidney and wrap it with electrical tape or a special film;
  • place the vaccine with soil and water the rosehip bush abundantly.

After three weeks, a kidney that has taken root will turn green. As soon as shoots appear on the plant, the top must be nipped to form a lush and plentifully flowering pink bush. Further development of the culture will depend on the quality of care at all stages of the growing season of the ornamental plant.

Plant care

Proper agricultural techniques for growing rose bushes is a guarantee of a long and beautiful flowering of a decorative plant. Throughout the growing season, roses need careful care, which includes spring pruning, bush formation, loosening of soil around the plant, watering and feeding, destruction of all weeds, mulching of the soil, protection from diseases and pests, as well as Winter preparation and shelter:

  • in order to protect the root system of the plant from the negative effects of the soil crust and to facilitate air access to the underground part, soil loosening is regularly carried out to a depth of 5-8 cm;
  • to improve the composition of the soil, as well as to preserve its moisture content, it is recommended to mulch by adding peat, humus or peat moss compost with a layer of 8-10 cm;

  • irrigation measures should help maintain optimal moisture indicators; both overdrying and waterlogging of the soil should not be allowed;
  • as a fertilizer, it is recommended to use "Effekton-Ts", "Effekton-DC", "Agricola for flowering plants" or "Agricola-Rosa";
  • throughout the summer, for greater decorativeness and long, plentiful flowering, it is necessary to timely remove all faded flowers;
  • for the winter period, rose bushes should be carefully bent to the ground and covered with dry peat or fir spruce branches, and then covered with garden wrap.

Roses: growing and care

It is very important to remember that on grafted roses, it is necessary to timely remove all wild rose hips of the dog rose to the base, which is formed in a particularly large amount in the first year after vaccination.


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