Preparing Dahlia tubers for planting

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When to get dahlias for germination in Siberia or in another region of the Russian Federation depends only on the time of their planting in the ground. A two-week period will be enough to prepare the dahlia's roots for planting. In the south of Siberia it can be mid-April, and in the north the last week of this month. Dahlias are planted in an open area when the threat of freezing has completely passed. Gentle sprouts of these flowers do not tolerate negative temperatures and burn out from frost at 0ºC.

Germination of dahlia tubers allows you to divide a large stored root into several parts and choose the strongest shoots for planting.

What to do with tubers after wintering

Both in Siberia and in the suburbs, dahlias should be removed on a warm sunny day so that you can see on the street how the juicy tubers survived during the winter. The roots of dahlias often deteriorate due to the fact that they were dug up in the late fall, when the ground was already freezing from night frosts, and thawing during the day. A second common cause of spoilage of dahlias is that the tubers did not have enough time to collect enough nutrients when they were dug up. They did not build up enough mass to allow them to winter. Thin roots for a long Siberian winter are thinned and dry.

Having lifted the roots of the flowers from the basement, they are examined, cleaned of the remnants of the earth, and the rotted and dried parts are removed. If the tubers are badly spoiled during storage, the remaining ones are treated with a potassium permanganate solution or a special solution that improves the protective functions of the plant and destroys the pathogenic microflora.

Many amateur gardeners divide tubers in the fall to preserve as much planting material as they need. Then in the spring they take out the overwintered roots, examine them and plant all the remaining planting material in moist peat.

How to germinate dahlias

Germination Methods

With a small number of varieties that have wintered well, tubers are laid in shallow containers, watered abundantly and covered with moist peat or sawdust. Moisture, heat and sunlight make plants wake up and begin the growth process.

If there are many roots, then they can be folded into an old zinc bath or other container and put it in a bright, warm place. Constant moistening of the roots starts the process of kidney growth, and after a few days sprouts begin to appear. Some varieties produce a large number of buds, others do not survive the winter well, and they only have a few buds.

Dahlia roots purchased at the market or in a specialized store can be laid out in plastic bags with peat for further germination and put in a sunlit place.

If there is a heated greenhouse, then dahlias for germination are left there. In spring, when night frosts do not exceed -1º -4 ºC, boxes with roots can be left on the insulated veranda, summer kitchen or other buildings. They are watered periodically, and after half a month all the living roots have good shoots.

If the time of frost has passed, but there is a risk of sudden cooling, and there are a large number of dahlias, some housewives use the following method of germination:

  1. Whole roots are planted in the soil in early May very heap.
  2. Lightly cover them with earth.
  3. Landing is closed with a piece of plastic film, creating a greenhouse effect. The edges of the film are dripped in so that everything is tight. If during the day the sun is very hot, then the film is left only for the night.

After half a month they open the place of temporary planting, take out the sprouted roots and divide them for planting in flower beds. To properly divide a large root into parts, you need a sharp knife. They divide the root so that on each separate part there are several kidneys and the root neck. One large root can be divided into 5 or 6 tubers, which can be planted in open ground separately from each other.

Dahlias in the spring: division, germination, planting


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