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One of the shrubs that allow you to enjoy pleasant freshness and delight the eye even in the winter is Andorra Compact Juniper. It is he who is a vivid example of the use of evergreen plantings that are used in the design of the garden and allow you to direct it according to the chosen style.

Landscaping of the territory and compliance with its chosen landscape design model is one of the key tasks that is implied in the design of a personal plot. At the same time, one does not need to be a certified specialist in order to understand the role of fresh and evergreen plants in the process of giving the homestead territory the desired orientation.

Registration of personal territory

The use of evergreen plantations for decorating the landscape gardening zone has already begun a long time ago. Initially, for the needs of landscape design, ordinary, traditional for our area spruce and pine trees were used. However, over time, such varieties of spruce trees ceased to please the eye, and their use gradually declined.

In turn, a similar process was the impetus for the introduction of fundamentally new ideas and decoration schemes, implying the use of other varieties of plants and shrubs that are unusual for our climatic zone. Juniper became one of the similar evergreen guests who arrived from distant America and settled in the vastness of our country. It was he who made it possible to significantly embellish the appearance of the landscape gardening zone and betray a new breath to the use of conifers for decorating home gardens.

Juniper is a fairly popular plant and has several varieties that differ in the structure of the crown and general external characteristics. Based on this, the following varieties of such shrubs are used for landscaping today:

  • Andorra Compact;
  • Andorra Variegata;
  • Blue Chip;
  • Ice Blue;
  • Wiltoni;
  • Glauka
  • Lime Glow.

Each of the above varieties of juniper is able to succinctly and vividly fit into the selected model of landscape arrangement of the territory. However, the most often used for landscaping a personal plot are the Andorra Compact or Andorra Variegata varieties, which have the most pronounced appearance and make it possible to significantly refresh the territory.

Types and varieties of juniper

Use in landscape design

Juniper Andorra Compact is one of the most prominent representatives of its kind and has a beautiful appearance. This shrub in adulthood reaches a height of 30-40 cm with a crown diameter of 1-2 meters. The color of its foliage varies depending on climatic conditions from gray-green to violet. The needles themselves, unlike their spruce counterparts, which grow in our latitudes and have sharp needle formations, have a soft and pleasant to the touch leaf structure, which has a spicy fragrant aroma. The plant itself tolerates both hot weather and winter cold and blizzards. Propagated by seeds or cuttings, while growing slowly only 5-7 cm per year. He likes moist but moist soils and can grow on almost any type of soil.

Andorra Compact is a water-loving plant that requires planting in shaded areas with a large amount of water. All these qualities of the plant make it rather unpretentious, but requiring attention, especially in a situation that concerns planting and primary care. In general, after a period of adaptation and complete rooting of the shrub, the plant is able to grow independently, without requiring any additional funds or events. Under optimal conditions, the life cycle of juniper Andorra Compact can reach 200 years, which makes its use in decorating and landscaping personal gardens a long-term investment.

As for the use of the Andorra Compact shrub for landscaping of landscaped gardens, it can be used for a wide range of solutions dictated by the chosen landscape decoration model. However, it will look most impressive when creating the following design trends and styles:

  • alpine slides;
  • rocky gardens;
  • heather zones;
  • retaining walls;
  • various slopes and depressions;
  • walking paths;
  • forest edges;
  • coastal zones.

Juniper can be used to create a wide range of objects and many decorative solutions. Andorra Compact has all the necessary criteria to use this variety for landscaping. This is not only about external characteristics, although they are extremely important. A whole set of factors contributes to the fact that many designers and ordinary people plant this particular juniper. Its unpretentiousness, colorful appearance and magnificent structure conquered many people and contributed to the spread of the plant far beyond its natural habitat.

Conclusion on the topic

Juniper is a fairly unpretentious coniferous shrub that is used for the needs of landscape design and decoration of a personal garden. Exactly Andorra Compact has all the necessary qualities that allow you to use this variety for the implementation of various stylistic decisions. Moreover, the result will please the eye with its freshness and originality for many years.

Juniper Andorra Compact: characteristic


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