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There are a wide variety of preparations for processing potatoes, the instructions for use for which very accurately describe the necessary actions. Some still use livestock biowaste (processed products), but many have moved away from past practices and use new drugs. Following all the recommendations allows you to get a good harvest. What else should you know about processing, which tools are the most effective and what to look for?

Effective Defender

Matador will help prevent the occurrence of a combination of diseases, protect potatoes and other vegetable crops from harmful organisms. This is a drug with insecticidal and fungicidal effects. It is applied during landing manipulations. The bottle contains 150 ml.

The action of the product is directed against the Colorado potato beetle (insect larvae), wireworms, aphids, larvae of fleas, bears, moths, thrips, and cicadas. Provides plant resistance to such diseases: oversporosis, late blight, alternaria, in nightshade cultures - macrosporiosis, blackleg, rhizoctonia, root rot, found in cruciferous crops. The active components of the drug are mancozeb and imidacloprid.

“Matador” in comparison with other drugs that have a similar effect, has several advantages. Among them are:

  • with a high degree of reliability protects against diseases and pests;
  • can be used for preventive purposes;
  • stimulates the growth of potatoes and vegetables at a fast pace;
  • the protective effect produced by the agent lasts for a long time;
  • the bottle is enough to process a large number of tubers due to the low level of consumption of the composition;
  • the components of the drug contribute to obtaining the highest quality crop in large volumes;
  • the accumulation of the composition in potato tubers and vegetables does not occur.

The instruction for use provides for an expendable rate of 7.5 ml per 200 ml of water. The composition is added to the vessel with water, mixed thoroughly. The resulting solution can be used in the processing of 10 kg of planting potato tubers. For the procedure, you must use a sprayer, which will help to evenly distribute the liquid among the tubers. The event should be performed before planting crops in the soil. However, wait until the sprinkled tubers dry.

The expenditure rate for potatoes (180 kg) is: 1.2 ml of water 150 ml of the drug. The dose can be reduced in proportion to the weight of the processed tubers. Against the Colorado potato beetle, moth, aphids, thrips, fleas, the root system of pepper, tomatoes, cabbage, and eggplant is soaked in a solution. The packaging is enough for 4 liters of water. For every 200 ml, 10 ml of the composition is used.

“Matador” can be used for seedlings. It is soaked before planting at a constant place of growth. The soaking procedure lasts 7 hours.

The manufacturer gives a guarantee of protection for the period from processing to completion of potato flowering. For vegetables, protection lasts for a month. Conducting secondary processing measures during the growing season is prohibited.

Reliable tool

An excellent contact fungicidal disinfectant is Maxim. Its main goal is to prevent the emergence of diseases of agricultural crops that are provoked by fungi. They belong to the class of basidiomycetes, ascomycetes. The transmission of pathogenic organisms occurs through the soil along with the seeds. The composition does not have a negative effect on microorganisms that benefit plants.

The main active ingredient in the composition is fludioxonil. A substance from the modern chemical class of phenylpyrroles. This leads to a special mechanism of action on pathogenic organisms.

“Maxim” allows you to achieve a positive result against the genus of the Fusarium mushroom, kills other species that are characterized by a decrease in the level of sensitivity to other fungicides. In relation to potatoes, effectiveness is observed against various scabs, rot during storage, and rhizoctonia in the growing season. The agent is characterized by the presence of an action associated with stimulation of growth and modulation of immune activity. It provides an increase in the resistance of potatoes to various diseases during the growing process.

The pesticide can be used in agricultural production. He performs the pre-sowing treatment of seed tubers of potatoes, seeds of spike-type crops, etc. from pathogenic organisms that are transmitted through seeds and soil.

Processing of tubers can be carried out with the simultaneous use of 2 drugs: “Maxim” and “Prestige”. For 100 kg, you should take 100 ml of “Prestige”, and “Maxim” - 70 ml. Potatoes do not dip into the solution. Tubers are laid out on the spreading film, on top they are evenly coated with the prepared mixture using a spray, it is enough to hit the mixture on one side of the tubers. Tools for processing: tractor plants, a cultivator for processing potatoes, conveyors (if mass production), manual spray guns, knapsack sprayers (small parties use small farms for lots). The layers to be sprayed should not exceed 3 tubers.

In the process of preparatory activities related to seed potatoes, it is allowed to simultaneously use biologically active substances, growth regulators. In the framework of such actions, to achieve the effect, almost the entire tuber surface (90%) should be processed. It is permissible that 5% of the untreated mass of the total volume remains. Among the advantages stand out versatility, ease of use, maximum performance.

How to prepare potatoes for planting

Siderate Benefits

Potato is a culture that requires a lot of attention, as it is whimsical to growing conditions. Among other factors, professional vegetable growers provide the plant with proper nutrition and soil moisture. Recently, however, to obtain a high-quality crop, various siderates for potatoes have been used. These are plants that are planted in the ground and perform an auxiliary function.

Properly selected siderates for potatoes are able to favorably affect the soil. Its structure and components become better, which directly affects the quality of the grown tubers. Ancillary plants act as environmentally friendly fertilizers. Siderates for potatoes have a number of positive aspects, which is manifested in the following:

  • soil acidity level reaches normal values, lack of moisture disappears;
  • potatoes are protected from weeds;
  • prevent many diseases of potato;
  • it is possible to saturate the soil with various substances that have a positive effect on potatoes.

Siderata under potatoes have a large root system, which contributes to loosening the soil. Usually they undergo a process of decay, which also has a positive effect. It is ensured by the formation of thin channels in the soil through which various metabolic processes occur. Thus, the inability of the earth to retain moisture is eliminated. Throughout the process of growing potatoes, a sufficient amount of oxygen is observed, and the moisture level is normal.

Often, specialists compare siderates with the use of manure, which includes waste products. In some cases, some types of auxiliary plants are used together with manure, as it is able to support their positive effect on the soil. The result is a beneficial effect on potato tubers, it grows well and quickly, and the grower receives a good harvest. Siderates are able to influence the glycemic index of potatoes. Its level changes due to the intensive growth of potatoes and enrichment with useful trace elements. During heat treatment, it can be seen that the glycemic index of potatoes changes its values.

About the benefits of siderates

Varieties of siderates

There are various types of green manure that apply to various crops. All vegetable growers know that for each vegetable there is a special selection of plants capable of providing the implementation of an auxiliary function at the highest level. The best siderates for potatoes are plants that belong to the category of legumes. They are able to saturate the soil with a large amount of phosphorus and nitrogen, which directly affects the good development of tubers. The following beans are most commonly used: lupine, peas, alfalfa.

Lupine is the best auxiliary plant from the group of legumes for potatoes. It is often used as fertilizer. It is supposed to place the lupine leaves after cultivation in the ground, where potatoes will grow. It is impossible to prevent the appearance of lupine seeds, as they themselves are sown in the ground and will not allow potatoes to grow. Its roots grow well, due to which the upper layers of the soil are saturated with nutrients.

Other types of auxiliary plants can also be used as siderates, which have a positive effect on potatoes. These include mustard, rye, wheat and oats. They have similar properties as legumes, as they are able to saturate the soil with useful substances and fill with vitamins. In addition, these plant species provide the desired level of moisture for the soil.

Often, vegetable growers plant green manure in the fall to ensure that the land does not freeze during the winter. This applies to rye and mustard. Potatoes in their place are growing quickly and efficiently, as the soil structure reaches a high level. The best effect can be achieved by using various combinations of auxiliary plants, and their waste can be used. Inexperienced growers can watch a special video that is developed by experts. It contains various recommendations for the use of siderates.

Plant care

Processing potatoes before planting is often done through a variety of drugs that act as crop growth stimulants. Their action is aimed at enhancing growth. As a result, you can get fast and strong shoots.

Potatoes are usually processed a few days before planting. This allows stimulants to have a positive effect on the eyes. Potato stimulant preparations include various types. The most common and effective recognized Poteytin and Mikon.

Particular attention should be paid to preventive measures aimed at preventing various diseases, which eliminates the need for treatment of the culture. Processing potatoes before planting involves the use of various means, the action of which does not allow the disease of the plant during the period of growth.

To process potato tubers against various pests, including wireworm, copper sulfate, ash are used, but most often they are processed with potassium permanganate. It is able to effectively prevent the disease of bushes and tuber crops. At the present stage, various devices and preparations are used, on the basis of which pre-planting primary processing of potatoes is carried out. They allow you to protect the culture from infections and diseases, the treatment of which takes a lot of time and effort.

Often, potato destroys the Colorado potato beetle, which can be combated with the help of special preparations. Manufacturers offer their various types, the most common is considered "Aktara". This is an insecticide that adversely affects pests.

Useful information

Processing potatoes with colchicine leads to positive changes that are related to proportions and sizes. Colchicine is an alkaloid of plant origin. At the genetic level, it causes chromosomal doubling. Since potato is characterized by a vegetative method of propagation, it is necessary to process the sprouts and tubers themselves.

Spraying potatoes with Colchicine leads to a high yield due to the fact that the fruits grow in very large sizes. There are different types of processing of individual parts and the whole plant with this substance (there are 10 options).

Mechanical processing of potatoes by hedgehogs is carried out to remove weed grass from the beds, which impedes the normal growth and development of the crop. The procedure using this device is carried out carefully. Processing potatoes with hedgehogs ensures that the soil is cleared of weeds with roots by 90%. Such a mechanical procedure provides pronounced row spacing, hilling, makes the soil loose, which is good when digging fruit. Hedgehogs can be homemade. The device is sometimes used as part of the fight against harmful insects.

Various types of products are used for potatoes and vegetables, the action of which is aimed at ensuring a high-quality and plentiful crop. To achieve such a result, it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations of specialists.


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