How to make vertical beds for strawberries with your own hands

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Vertical beds for strawberries are an excellent solution for gardeners who do not have enough land to grow large plantations of culture. They save several times the planting area, but the quality of the berries does not fall. Yes, and the vertical garden always looks elegant.

Than vertical beds are good

Such beds for strawberries have a lot of advantages, winning before the usual planting of crops on the open ground. First of all, growing strawberries in a vertical way is:

  1. Significant land savings.
  2. Cheap way. Vertical beds for strawberries can be made from any improvised materials.
  3. Good looking after the plant. The roots do not get wet, do not rot.
  4. A way to protect berries from birds. Vertical planting of strawberries greatly complicates the ability of birds to enjoy a delicious berry.
  5. A way to protect the bushes from spring frost. Freezing soil in the early spring is dangerous for the crop. The location of the berry bushes above the ground avoids this. If necessary, on especially cold nights, vertical plantings can be easily wrapped in film and thus protected from freezing.
  6. Facilitation of labor when caring for bushes. In addition, there is no need to lean over each berry when the crop is harvested.
  7. Aesthetic pleasure. Vertical beds arranged in rows look very beautiful and exotic.

From which you can build beds

Do-it-yourself vertical beds for strawberries are easy to do. Almost any old thing is suitable for this: barrels, bags, pallets, trays. You can make beds for strawberries with your own hands from metal or polyvinyl chloride tubes.

This is what a vertical strawberry bed can be made of. You can take plastic bags. They are filled to the brim with soil and suspended.

In the walls around the entire circumference with a knife, horizontal holes are cut with a length of 15-20 centimeters. They can be located one above the other or in a checkerboard pattern. How to plant a crop? Strawberry bushes are planted in the recesses formed in this way.

You can make a vertical bed from plastic eggplants with a capacity of 20-50 liters. Preliminarily, in the bottom with a heated nail, make a medium-sized hole. Also cut circles with a diameter of about 15 centimeters on each side. Then paint the eggplants themselves with a paint, preferably light, so that the surface reflects the sun's rays.

Pour pebbles to the bottom. This will be the drainage necessary for the outflow of excess moisture. Then the eggplants are filled with soil. Strawberry bushes are planted in round holes.

Ready-made vertical landings are hung by the neck of a fence or special rails in the greenhouse.

A vertical bed for strawberries or strawberries is also made from tires. The starting material can be tires of different or the same diameter. The beds are made like this. The prepared material for beds is cleaned of debris, washed, dried. Further tires are painted outside in bright colors.

The first tire is installed on the ground, holes are cut on the sides at an equal distance.

A plastic wide pipe is also useful. It should be as long as the height of the vertical ridge itself is planned. Holes are also made in it so that they are arranged in a circle and along the entire tube. Then it is wrapped in synthetic fabric. In this tube, when everything is ready and the seedlings are planted, it is convenient to pour water. Through the holes in the tube, moisture enters the soil, providing optimal humidity.

The first tire is placed on the ground, a plastic tube is installed in the middle. Fill the top of the tank with earth. The next tire is placed on top with the holes already made and also filled with soil to the top. In this way, a vertical ridge of the required height is created.

Then strawberry bushes are planted in the holes made. The ridge is ready.

A vertical bed for strawberries is also made from old barrels. On the sides of the tank, small holes are drilled at the same distance from each other. At the bottom do drainage. Fill the barrel with earth and plant strawberry bushes. Landing looks in the style of "country". The only drawback is the fragility of such a bed. After all, it is made of wood, which can easily be destroyed by moisture.

An interesting solution for the construction of a vertical ridge is to create it from polyvinylchlorine tubes. Although the work takes time, the result is worth it.

To make the base, you will need a plastic pipe with a diameter of more than 15 cm and a pipe from the same material with a diameter of 5 cm or more. The height of the pipes should be 1.5-2 m, that is, in human height.

Holes are made in them. In a large pipe, they should be sufficient to fit a strawberry bush; smaller holes are made in the small pipe. Then a narrower element is inserted into a wide one. They are mounted vertically with a slight slope and strawberries are planted. Growing strawberries on vertical beds made of pipes.

Thanks to the thin tube, constant moistening of the root system of the culture is ensured.

Such vertical beds are very convenient. Plastic does not overheat in the sun, birds do not touch the crop of berries. In the case of spring frosts, it is enough to simply wrap the structures with polyethylene, and the culture is saved from freezing.

The beds for vertical planting of strawberry bushes can be made of metal mesh with large cells. The mesh is bent so that a cylinder is formed from it. The ends are securely fastened with a metal wire.

The resulting cylinder is mounted on the ground. From within, along the grid, a layer of dried hay is lined. The remaining cavity is covered with earth, periodically ramming it.

The next mesh strip is rolled into a cylinder of the same diameter as the first. Fasten the edges and connect to the first cylinder using the same wire. A mesh pyramid is built with a height equal to the average height of a person. A vertical flower bed for strawberries is ready. Cooked bushes are planted in the cells, spreading a little hay.

Vertical cultivation of strawberries in this way looks very aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly - the beds are made from improvised, completely natural materials.

Vertical bed

Where to plant beds

Growing strawberries in a vertical plane on open ground gives a large crop if the beds are positioned correctly. Strawberries love the abundance of sunlight, heat and moisture.

Therefore, the beds must be installed in open areas, flooded with sun. The neighborhood of garden trees is highly undesirable. It is good if there are no buildings and bushes in the west and east.

Growing strawberries vertically requires open space. Therefore, it is good to place them not in the garden, but in the open air field.

In winter, the beds are covered with non-woven insulation and left to winter under the snow. And in the spring it is easy to grow an early strawberry crop under the film. It is enough just to wrap it with vertical foundations.

Growing strawberries vertically has found its application in the greenhouse. There are optimal conditions for culture: warm and enough light. Roots with constant watering do not dry out. Also, due to the vertical arrangement of the bushes, there is no stagnation of water in the soil.

During the season, from one bed it is possible to collect on average up to 12 kg of berries.

Vertical way to grow strawberries

A little more about growing strawberries

Strawberries love humus sandy soil. Therefore, before you plant it on the bed, you need to first worry about what kind of land to lay in vertical blanks.

If you plan to plant the crop in early spring, in advance in the summer it is worth cutting the turf and drying it in the open air for several days.

Then, without breaking off the grass, it is necessary to wrap the pieces of soil in opaque plastic bags. Leave them until the start of the landing season. The result is a high-quality, well-fertilized soil with a high oxygen content.

It is enough to pour it into vertical beds without any additional processing and plant strawberries. All weed seeds die for long 3 seasons without moisture.

When the bushes are accepted, they will grow and buds will be tied, it is worth introducing an aqueous solution of manure into the ground.

During fruiting, the crop does not need to be watered often.

Then the wonderful plant will thank with a large crop. Strawberries on vertical beds will be no worse than garden. She's big and sweet.


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