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Amazes with the extraordinary beauty of gloxinia Esenia. Florists who are fond of flower growing, note a wide variety of plant species. Breeders have tried so that everyone can choose for themselves the best option, which does not require special care and is highly decorative.

General information

Gloxinia is an indoor flower. Otherwise, it is called synningia. This is a herbaceous perennial plant. It has rhizomes in the form of tubers, is a representative of the Gesneriaceae family.

The leaves are velvet, grow in breadth, are characterized by moderate thickness. From the leaves comes a pleasant gentle smell. Gloxinia has very beautiful flowers. Each flower looks like bells or shoes. They are located on different peduncles. Flowers vary in a wide range of shades. Coloring may vary.

For example, it is white, pink, lilac, red, etc. Among the whole variety of plants, there are simple varieties, terry. On the edges of the flowers there is a border, a neat frill. The surface inside is strewn with specks of a darker or lighter color. The flowering period usually falls on March and April.

The birthplace of gloxinia is South America (Brazil). In European countries, they met with a flower only in the 19th century.

In order for people to express their feelings, the language of flowers was invented in eastern countries. The meaning of gloxinia is love, which arises at first sight. Therefore, the plant is used as a kind of love talisman, which brings peace and harmony to the relationship.

The plant has an unusual ability. It helps in relieving fatigue, tension in a person who has been engaged in monotonous physical or mental work for a long time.

Its varieties are incredible in color. A catalog in which all the options are presented can be seen on the website of Svyatoslav Siletsky. He collected all instances, even plants that breeders invented in 2015.

Most common types

Gloxinia Royal is one of the most popular and common representatives. Its feature is small in height (up to 10 cm), but the plant has strong shoots. About 12 leaves are placed on them, and they usually stand in pairs. The leaves themselves are quite large and can reach a length of 20 cm. They have an interesting shape resembling an oval. They are also characterized by a specific green color. The flowers have a dark purple color, they are quite large, since their diameter is on average 7 cm. Pleasing look in the summer.

The beauty of gloxinia in its appearance resembles the Royal. The leaves of the plant have a slightly different color, since their shade is slightly lighter. In addition, on her leaves there are no streaks with a silver color. The beauty gloxinia has large flowers. They are most often purple, and purple-colored variants may also occur.

Yesenia is popular with flower growers due to the fact that her flowers are terry, and this looks very attractive from the outside. Their color is usually burgundy or beetroot. The flowers on the bush are abundantly placed, and the bush itself is characterized by compactness. The leaves on the outside resemble velvet.

Interesting options

Gloxinia Madonna is popular for its color. For the flowers of the Madonna, a certain lacy airiness is inherent, they are white, and their middle is yellow or even lemon. There is a fringe on the petals, which visually makes the flower's volume even larger. The stem on which the inflorescences are located. high enough, large leaves are placed on it, the color of which is presented in light green tones. Florists note that the Madonna is easy enough to propagate, and she is well received.

Terry white gloxinia has rather large flowers, the neck of which is painted in green and lemon. The leaves are green with an emerald hue, the stem is characterized by high strength, but it is not very high. Bushes are characterized by a high level of compactness.

Peach rose - terry gloxinia, which is painted in delicate shades of pink. In the central part of the petal there is a rather wide, but blurry strip. Its color is dark pink, but there are species with a softer palette in the center. In the throat of a flower you can see small white dots. The stem on which the flowers are placed is low. Sometimes flowers are found, painted white, and their central part is pink.

The Snow Queen is a representative of terry gloxinia. Her flowers are quite large. The middle of the flower is purple and the rest of the petal is white. Although florists have variants with a lilac color, which can be obtained through certain technologies for caring for the plant. The edges of the petals of such a plant are framed by a lilac line. Bushes are compact.

Gloxinia The Constellation of Love is a bright terry flower that is bordered by a burgundy face. The throat is light, practical white. Petals are not very large, stems are strong. Unpretentious in leaving.

Attractive appearance

Scarlet is a houseplant from the terry gloxinia category, which is painted in strawberry tones. A white border is placed at the edges of the petals. The stems are strong, but low. Bushes are compact. For this cultivar gloxinia, bunchy flowering is inherent.

Gloxinia Bohemia is interesting for its terry bright red petals with a pink border. Bushes of Bohemia are compact, and the stems are not very tall.

Quite popular is the type of terry flowers Merry Dancers. The gloxinia Merry Dancers is intriguing with a lemon neck, white central part of the petals and blue edges.

Gloxinia Negro got this name due to the large dark terry flowers of a purple hue. If you look at the plant close, it seems that there is a velvet tint in the petals. The stems of the flower are short, due to which the bush is small.

Blanche de Meru is a special variety, as it is characterized by the presence of rather large flowers with a raspberry border.

Gloxinia Multi Belz Mix is ​​represented by large double flowers, which in their form resemble gramophones. May have a purple and pink color. On 1 bush during the flowering period there are up to 20 flowers at a time. It is quite demanding on a lot of light.

Gloxinia tiger blue is very popular among gardeners. The throat of the flowers is white, and the border has a purple color. A plant blooms profusely only if it is provided with proper care.

Perennial plants include a rather interesting gloxinia, Prince Albert. The specified variety has large purple flowers, and on the bush there are quite a lot of them. Stem height does not exceed 25 cm.

Enjoy attention

Salome is a flower with a white central part of the petals and pink dots on it. The border is painted in light pink tones. The stalks of Solomei are quite high.

View Sharon Stone ranked among the most beautiful indoor plants. All due to the fact that her flowers are large, dense and terry. Their feature is a pink border of petals.

Georgia is characterized by the presence of large terry and white buds. A small amount of pale pink spraying is present on the petals.

Variety Dolce Vita has incredible charm and is able to bewitch, as it has very large pink flowers with pearl notes. Petals are wavy.

Gloxinia Raspberry is painted in raspberry color. The petals themselves are white, and interspersed with raspberry. Against such a background, beautiful large leaves with a bright green palette look very advantageous.

Gloxinia Priceless Luxury looks very attractive. Her terry flowers are raspberry colored, sometimes cherry. The stems of the plant in question are quite short, due to which the bush is neat and compact.

Gloxinia Brockade is a representative of a series of hybrids. It is characterized by a high level of terry. The bushes are compact, the stems are low, since they do not reach more than 20 cm in height, the leaves are small. The color of the petals is different, but pink options are most often found.

Violet flowers has violacea. It is a houseplant, propagated by tubers. The bush grows small, since its maximum height reaches only 25 cm. The leaves are dark green in color and are velvety.

Purple-lilac tones are characterized by a Voloshka. The throat of the flower is white, terry petals with the presence of a large number of specks. Inflorescences are large.

Gloxinia Sea Princess is a medium-sized bush on which large double terry flowers flaunt. Along the edges of the petals there is a narrow purple or blue border.

Gloxinia Madagascar has large flowers. They are terry, velvet. Their color involves bright shades of blue. This is a rather whimsical indoor plant that loves heat and light, but painfully reacts to direct sunlight. She also loves a lot of moisture.

Propagation of gloxinia with leaf fragments (video)

Terry magnificence

Gloxinia Chilliose looks very attractive. Its double flowers have a large diameter, white color. The petals are covered with peas of a violet-purple hue, there is a lilac with a purple tint border. The variety is characterized by compact bushes.

Gloxinia Shadow of the Moon belongs to the terry variety, endowed with huge flowers in size. On the petals there is a wide purple frame, unusual and tender flower give white blotches. Among connoisseurs and professionals, the variety is recognized as a masterpiece.

Gloxinia Winter Cherry is similar in appearance to the previous variety, but its petals are decorated with small peas that play in burgundy and purple. The bushes look very beautiful in pots on window sills, decorativeness is emphasized by a compact neat bush with short peduncles.

Gloxinia Cleopatra is a terry variety. An inexperienced person will not immediately be able to distinguish it from the Winter Cherry variety, due to external identity.

One of the most beautiful varieties from a variety of terry is the Milky Way variety. It immediately amazes with its luxury, originality and grandeur. The diameter of the flowers is very large. Speckles (violet, lilac) are located on the white petals, less bright on the edges of the color, which adds refinement. The leaves are endowed with a streak of silver shade, the very base of the leaf is light green. Peduncles of this variety are of medium length, but this does not reduce the external attractiveness.

Especially popular are varieties with unusual or solemn names. For example, gloxinia Chintz Wedding. It can be presented to spouses as a symbolic anniversary gift. On a white background of petals is a purple-colored speck. At the edges there is a thin rim (there the speck is very thick, the color is lilac). Terry Sudarushka differs in romance and playfulness. On white petals, medium-sized peas are clearly visible. Their color is red with a pink tint. Sudarushka has strong peduncles, compact bushes.

The variety Pani Valevskaya is extraordinary decorative. The main color of the flowers is white, they are terry. The border stands out clearly against a white background, as the crimson red itself. On compact bushes there are small in length but strong peduncles.

Gloxinia Scarlet Etude has a red border around the edges. On the petals you can see not only dark red peas, but also dashes, which adds exoticism. Peduncles in this variety are long.

Gloxinia Charm conquers with the contrast of a delicate terry white base and a rich pink frame around the edges. Bright pink peas are randomly placed throughout the flower. Peduncles are of medium length and special strength, the bushes are neat, compact.

The beauties of gloxinia (video)

Interesting information

The described plants are classified according to various characteristics. There is a division of the flower according to its features. Based on the number of rows in which the petals are located, a simple and double flower is distinguished. One row has simple types, and in terry specimens they count from two or more rows. In double flowers, the appearance is similar to a rose or large clove. Among terry options, one can distinguish a Japanese variety bred by the best Japanese breeders, Brocade f1. Her gardeners are very fond of.

There is a brocade of red and blue colors. There are not only plain petals. In the Brocade Red and White version, the base is pink, red with a necessarily white frame. Color Feature:

  • white rim of picoti that stands out clearly on a red or blue background;
  • during flowering, a lush bouquet;
  • the period of abundant flowering is long;
  • compactness, short stature.

A biennial plant is able to dissolve 25 buds. Leaflets look velvety, their size is small. If you compare the flower with an ordinary outlet, then its size seems huge.

If we consider the color of the corollas, then we can distinguish tigers, flowers of the same color and chintz options. It is common for chintz specimens to have pea or speckles of a single color petal of the same diameter that differ from the background. Either peas or grains are present on the tigrins, with a framing along the edges. On solid colors, there is a chance of the presence of white means.

The shape of the flowers may also vary. On this basis, you can distinguish teidea and bells. The appearance of gloxinia teidea resembles a shoe. On such flowers, 5 petals, they are slightly voluminous in some place, elongated.

Gloxinia is considered a sign of Taurus. If this sign has a flower pot in the house, it will surely bring wealth, material prosperity and prosperity to its owner. In a person, the psychoemotional state will improve significantly, in the physical plane the body will be filled with energy and strength. The energy in the house is normalizing. However, in the acquisition process, it is important not to confuse it with another houseplant, for example, Senpolia is similar to it.

When buying a flower, you need to carefully consider the leaves. They should be free from any stains or traces of harmful microorganisms. Healthy leaflets are resilient. If you want to buy tubers, then you need to touch them to check a sufficient level of elasticity and density.

Sinningia is deservedly popular all over the world. They love her not only for beauty, a pleasant smell, but also for her special properties (in the form of a talisman, a talisman). A flower can be a great gift for loved ones or a great purchase for your own home.


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