How to plant orchids

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A few years ago, his wife was presented with an orchid in such a cardboard box with a transparent wall, and they said that the flower can then be transplanted into a pot, we did. After some time, the orchid began to grow below it, several large leaves appeared, and on the stem there are many white, beautiful flowers that bloom for a very long time, but we don’t know how to plant an orchid. Tell me, please, what needs to be done to do this?


Orchids are generally not capricious and easy to care for. To get started, buy them the right soil and plant them in a transparent pot. Orchid feeds on light and air through the roots. Water as usual. Once a year, immerse in water for several hours, it will give an arrow with a flower. As it fades, then trim. It will bloom for several months. The only available way to propagate orchids in indoor conditions is vegetative propagation. Propagating orchids in this way is most convenient when transplanting. Having taken the plant out of the pot, the rhizome is cut with a knife or secateurs, leaving two or three pseudobulbs on each dividend. Delenki with young pseudobulbs are planted in the same way as ordinary plants. Old pseudobulbs are placed in the moss and wait for the ancillary kidneys to awaken.


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