What can be planted in clay soil

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Gardeners, dear, tell me what to plant on this bed? The earth is heavy, clay. Penumbra. Pretty damp place. Last year I planted potatoes - nothing grew, but the summer was very rainy and cold, especially here in the Far North. In the autumn she brought manure. Mine is said to be completely abandoned, but I'm sorry. Thought siderata plant for the whole summer. Maybe something useful is possible?

I planted new large tulip bulbs in October that year, they also only released leaves this year.

I was taught that if two leaves will bloom, if one leaf, then only the next year

With one leaf, the baby will bloom next year.

My dears! You do not take into account that tulips, like tomatoes, are early, middle and late. Again, the baby may not bloom in the first year. And why remove the onion?

I didn’t have a flower for two years; in the third year I was surprised and blossomed.

Girls, thanks for your answers. Naturally, I will consider everything and my neighbor will report everything. I planted tulip bulbs again in August 2015 (I never had them in principle). Early varieties have already thrown leaves + peduncles, later varieties have just crawled out.

Mustard, Phacelia. Both beautiful and the earth will be softer and more fertile.

I would plant a cabbage. I have it on a pee growing and rejoice and always with the crop.

Sand there clearly does not hurt.

Yes, yes, sand! Earth will be transformed right away! Plant the peas. And as sederat and pleasure.

I would also plant cabbage, she loves loam.

Shadows are not afraid of sorrel, spinach, coriander, mint, parsley, cabbage

Maybe beets seedlings, sorrel, arugula?

Is cauliflower or kohlrabi possible or are they more demanding on the soil?

Last year we had cucumbers on the same ground and in the shade. Courage F1 and mustard 🙂 cucumbers pleased and the earth became more lively after mustard, friable and the color changed.

Cucumbers and cabbage are even advised to plant alternately. So, also as an option.

I think it is possible.

Thanks for the tip, plant a cabbage 🙂

I am glad that this information has become useful to you. Last year I did this and was pleased.

I will also plant cabbage and try pumpkin 🙂

Pumpkin should be in the sun and on fertile land, well-fertilized, almost on compost.

I think it’s not worth the pumpkin. Better marigolds if you want beauty or tameness are also good. And cabbage is glad to these neighbors, as far as I know.

Alena, and another sand on top!

Clay plus sand equals concrete. I know in my land.

Yes Yes! I confirm! Last year I made one bed. I mixed 1 part of my clay soil and two parts of sand (I made a bed for carrots) After a couple of waterings I got concrete. Carrots certainly grew, but only 6 cm.

I have a large carrot, but after I stopped planting in the beds. Now I plant all the vegetables on the potato field. The husband cuts the grooves with a walk-behind tractor. Half under the potatoes, and the rest I plant with carrots, onions, beets, cabbage, etc. I live in Karelia, as a rule, it is damp. In other areas, this may not be necessary. About carrots - I make a groove at the top of the hog. I spill it, lightly fall asleep with humus, fill up the seeds (pre-soak for a day in water). I fill everything with sand, otherwise it will not grow through the crust of the earth. Covering before emergence. I can only tidy up. Hookers with walk-behind tractor will do the rest. Due to the high arable layer, carrots are large. The most important thing is to order without sparing. When I thin out I ask myself: “Do I need small carrots? “. The conclusion suggests itself. The potato field is also convenient because every year I plant vegetables in different places, the so-called crop rotation. Have a nice day!

Thank you for such a detailed and extensive advice. I would love to use it. BUT I have such a heavy soil that no walk-behind tractor can plow it (this is the first reason). Wetland - I plant only in high beds (second reason) This year I will fill in the garden - a box of sand only. I think so carrots grow better! Well, if not, then I will not plant her at all

You can sow phacelia for now, and then plant cabbage directly into it, and when the cabbage is rooted well. Chop down the phacelia and leave it as a mulch. I have a similar site. I sowed green manure there in the fall, now in the spring I was even surprised how soft the earth became

That is not to pull out a fatseliya at all? She will not clog the cabbage? To tear up or uproot milking mulch?

Make holes right in the middle of growing phacelia. To plant cabbage there, phacelia will just cover it from the sun for the first time. And when the cabbage gets stronger, chop the fatselia with a plane cutter and put it under the cabbage. And with cabbage, it’s good to plant beets, and it looks nice, and grows well 🙂


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