What is with the apple tree and how to treat it

Good evening. Tell me, what about the apple tree?

it’s hard to say .... read about black cancer. This year, many ...

Apple tree is young. She is only 6. years old. What to do what to cure

I say - find on the Internet. Write in the search bar “black apple cancer treatment methods” And look whether you have it or not, and there you will see how to treat it? Is it very difficult? I can also find, copy and paste here into the comment ...

Cancer is not treated, uprooting and planting a new tree. Sadly, of course, I myself am always afraid of this.

Be sure to burn the old, sick

It’s not cancer, but frostbite.

The color of the tissues bothers me, more like cancer. And the leaves are normal, or with spots and fall off?

Galina, chenic cancer is now being treated ... Personally, I cured a young apple tree ... Take a sharp knife and clean the wound around (in the middle is not necessary), to the green cambium. The green strip should be about 5 mm around the wound. Then take the remedy for wood fungus purchased at the household store, such as “Pinotex”, “Aquatex”, in the paint and varnish department. Fill the wound ... That's all, the tree is saved ... It is imperative to burn the chips after mopping ...

It’s not like cancer.

Thanks I'll know. Live and learn.

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