Conifer formation, when and how

She planted a small pine on her plot, while a small one, but she is an ordinary pine from the forest. So it will grow very big. I heard a lot about the fact that a pine can be formed by pinching new kidneys. This is done in the spring. But I have never dealt with the formation of beautiful crowns, let alone conifers.
Does anyone have such an experience? How to pinch, how much to reduce the candle? And when is it better to do it? Maybe there are some tricks? And also I would like to bend the trunk of a pine beautifully, like ikebana :)


That's right, pinching is done every spring. But is it worth it? The fact is that after pinching, the pine will really begin to branch, it will be fluffy and beautiful. But along with this, the number of candles will grow rapidly annually. And in a few years, pinching a thousand candles will become a problem for you and you can just spit on all this. And then your pine from a beautiful fluffy ball will turn into a powerful trunk. In general, you need to pinch to the length that suits you.

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