How to decorate tree trunks

There are many old trees on my summer cottage. We cut their lower branches so that there was less shadow. The trunks of these trees look awful: thick, old. So I was puzzled - how to decorate them?

There are two options. One of them is to tear off the entire bark from the trunks and paint them, but so that the structure of the tree is visible. But I’m not sure that I will be able to qualitatively implement this idea.

Another option is to decorate with vines. This solution is also problematic - in this part of the site there is a lot of blue clay and peat in the soil.

Should I resort to these options? Or are there any other ideas for decorating the trunks?


In no case do not tear the bark from the tree! This can lead to illness. There are many ways to decorate. Some paint trunks in different colors - this decor is quite popular, although I personally don’t like it very much, it looks too sloppy. If you love and know how to draw, then you can create real-life paintings on natural themes on the ground.

Another original way is to hang pots with lushly blooming hanging plants on branches, they will cover the trunks. If you have children, then a great option is the design of trees in a fabulous theme. For example, you can make a house for fairies: at the root, place an oval or round door, place higher places with windows, ladders, balconies. It looks very unusual and pleasing to the eye, and the old thick trunks, like yours, in my opinion, are ideal for this.

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