How to bring trees back to life after freezing

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Good day! These are the cherries on our plots after freezing (Tula region). This is the first time. Tell me, please, how to bring trees back to life?

Oh problem?

And why bring them back to life, the trees weren’t affected ... Next spring will come bloom and bear fruit.

The cherry is not clearly visible in the photo. If the frost affected, then it’s okay, it’s okay. But look, the manifestations are very similar to moniliosis - this is a lousy disease, it is not treated.

I doubt that this is some kind of disease! There is such a misfortune with cherries all over Tula! It’s an epidemic. But I have a bush of cherries, it’s still small (only a meter and a half), I covered it because there were strong winds! Yes, here it is Feels just fine! And adult cherries are all in this form

Only leaves are damaged, good fruits are hanging! Remember how the spring in Tula was gaining momentum, the sun was frying, and then it was suddenly colder, I think it's not scary

Moniliosis. He is…

moniliosis is treated. It is necessary to cut and burn everything affected, and treat the trees with copper sulfate, HOM, etc., and the tree itself and the earth around

This is one hundred percent moniliosis; it spreads just in cold weather. Doing nothing is useless. The next year, renal transfusion should be treated with antifungal drugs. But not the fact that will not happen again.

it’s wonderful, because I read that there’s a really bad deal with this moniliosis.

it is not treated, it’s all nonsense even burn at least a scratch on your head, you don’t go to each neighbor for a kilometer to pick and burn each tree ... Only prevention before flowering and in good years will save the weather at the time of flowering.


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