Will the rose bar under a plastic bottle

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Tell me, please, in winter roses froze, all hemp dried up. I poured them, sprinkled with epin and covered with such a design. Would they bar there? What to do? Who has any opinions?

Twist the cover, remove. Don't need her

I do not agree, they cover for a greenhouse effect, if there is no sense in twisting the lid. This is the same as propagation by cuttings, they do not spray

If somewhere there is a living kidney, then it will grow without shelter

right, you need to remove the cover

remove the lid in the sun - the greenhouse always has open doors during the day ... and close the lid at night or in cloudy weather.

Mom, as always, is right!)))

The lid must be removed

It’s necessary to wrap the bottle with a newspaper, and don’t have to open the lid yet, I went out my roses like that

Remove the lid, water it. Last year I had one rose in June, also stood under the balloon.

just reanimated its rose, the Boeing variety., also under a bottle with a closed cork. for 2 weeks they sprouted. and so there are those that do not have growth without bottles. Today I took them off from some and covered others.


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