Is it normal that the rose blooms a second time

The rose was planted only in the spring, it bloomed in early summer, then it cut off the faded inflorescences. And going to bloom again! This is normal?

This is just great! When healthy, they bloom to frost! I have 20 bushes

We let new roses bloom only in August and a couple of buds, so that later they normally winter ...

Very well, only closer to winter, cut the pink shoots that do not have time to get brown, because they will freeze in winter, my roses also bloom, and it’s still far from frost

Thank you all for the answers!)

normally winter then and if 2 times thrive, I do not even shelter.

And I ordered 4 rose bushes for the fall. Can they be given full bloom next year?

yes, the main thing is that they winter

my first Rose and I did not have a pleasant experience, the rose bloomed in September, when suddenly the frost hit and our rose died, so now we give new blossoms only in August. To have time to take root

They bloom until mid-October, then prune. And in November, when the minus pace was established, I cover it with spruce branches.

Yes, as I understand it, we are all from different regions. We do not have frosts in September, we also cut in November. But you won’t leave open winter. Will freeze.

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