Do I need to break off the arrows at the bow

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Need to break off the arrows at the bow? What happened to the bulb, how to help come to life? Thanks.

What can be done with the arrow at the bow?

their people somehow canned. Again, you can get the seeds.

thanks)) is that how to water the onion so that this does not happen to the rest? Ato is fresh yellowed ((I heard that salt water should be watered or ammonia, but how? I don’t know

I got last year’s onion and went into the arrow. In principle, I don’t need it, so let it. But I never received seeds from onions, tell me how much, and how to plant it later?

ammonia (vial) in 10 liters of water and spilled, you can also onion and garlic

Always cut off the arrows on the bow. The bulb will be, though smaller. But it's better than nothing!

seeds (chernushka), smaller than poppy seeds, sow, they will make small onions (sowing). And plant them in winter or spring as usual.

it turns out sowing I only get in a year? And if you sow blackberry before winter and do not touch spring?

1 cup of salt per 10 liters of water to pour- =)) helps

even if you break it all the same, it will grow again, such a bulb is not stored, it rots. You can now use it in food.

they answered you, try ammonia, although my mother-in-law didn’t help. That year, the onion turned out to be slightly larger than the set.

leave it as it is. Water, loosen, everything is as always. At the end of summer, under the onion you can spread the film. Boxes will burst, seeds spill out. The rest will be manually assembled.

Tear off the arrows while there is time, but not necessarily, that will help.

I have small bulbs grown from a flower, not any boxes, right from a flower

the boxes, even before the flowers bloom, are usually cut, tied and hung to dry. Seeds themselves almost all fall out later. You can help them with your hands. Well, or even before blooming, lay the film under the bow. And then you will not collect these small seeds.

I grew onions, bloomed, I did not touch it in September-October, I had bulbs on a flower.

if you know, please teach? How to get seeds

My hail beat a bow ((((((. Will a bow grow out of this? (

we disagreed here) My neighbors in the country at the first sign of an umbrella opening (the box is cracking), we cut off the arrows, bind them and hang them with our heads down to dry. At the bottom, it is good to spread a cotton diaper or film. Seeds fall by themselves. We get the rest with our hands. That's all. Onion grows as well as on a turnip. You can spray 1% solution of Bordeaux mixture for prevention. Marina receives flowers from flowers. I didn’t do that, I don’t know what to say.

thank you very much girls!

if you want to steam, it’s better to plant these seeds in February on seedlings, and then on the beds. In this case, you’ll get a decent turnip next year. You can plant it on the bulb.

You can grow onions on turnips from seeds in one season!

And if you sow chernushka now by autumn will be sowing ??? Or is it too late !!! ??


In early March, we sow black pepper of the varieties of onion and leek that we liked. We grow on a cool and lighted windowsill. In May, we plant seedlings in the beds, care for, mulch, water, feed. And a full-fledged onion grows for storage.

A tablespoon of salt, on a watering can, more salt can harm

Ammonia bubble in 10 l of water ????? So you burn it right away. After all, 100 g in a bubble. For 10 liters of water, 3 tbsp is enough. tablespoons of ammonia))) This is just 1/3 of the bubble))

please explain to me .... I don’t understand why mudflow ??? Is it so that the bow does not shoot or does not turn yellow ??? Sorry for such a question !!

and ammonia from what ???

Fertilize the onions ... with ammonia. Have you noticed that the onion has turned pale and acquired a yellowish tint of feathers? It is he who signals to you that he is starving due to a lack of nitrogen. Help him by feeding liquid ammonia solution. Dilute in a 10-liter bucket of water 3 tbsp. tablespoons of ammonia and in the evening pour beds with a beam (under the spine). Such a vigorous solution will not only feed, but also scare away the onion fly.

I watered that the onion did not turn yellow, garlic, beets, this is when there is not enough sodium in the ground .... but I don’t know about the arrows

Before planting, I soaked in saline. So there is not a single arrow.

and it’s not too late to sow chernushka))

if the arrows are on the bow, then this indicates that he was frozen, or the sevok was frostbitten

if the arrows begin to turn yellow, then the onion fly may have hurt, you can spill it with salt water, a glass of salt in a 10l bucket

Thanks a lot to everyone !!! Today I’ll do it !!!

I also soaked, mom said !!! There is no shooter yet, but the one that didn’t soak all the arrows !!!

And if garlic throws arrows, what to do with them ???

I also set arrows on the set ((((can not they be cut off?

I always pick, the bulb will be larger


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