How to salt the breasts: basic cooking methods

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The representative of russula is very popular among lovers of gourmet dishes. Massive mushroom of the genus Milk, not inferior in nutrition to meat and milk. Despite the diversity of the family, the main species are used in preservation - ordinary white, white diaper (dry mushrooms), chernushka (black lump) and violin (yellow lump). Preservation through pickling or pickling emphasizes their exquisite taste and nutritional value. Having familiarized with the nuances of harvesting these amazing mushrooms, the question of how to salt the breasts, even an inexperienced housewife will not allow to doubt their culinary abilities.

Basic rules for successful conservation

  1. Due to the presence of milky juice in the constitution of the breast, with untreated use, the mushrooms are bitter. Before salt, to remove bitterness, the product is soaked for three days, with a systematic change of water. After the indicated time, try to chew, without swallowing, a piece. If a bitter aftertaste is not felt, the breasts are soaked enough.
  2. Consider carefully before use. Old mushrooms with traces of "rust" on their hats will become stiff after processing. Worms and spoiled insects are not suitable for use. Due to the specific structure, a lot of dirt gets into the damaged mushroom, which does not ensure the cleanliness and sterilization of the finished product.
  3. Mushroom salting is carried out only in intact enameled, wooden, glass and ceramic dishes.
  4. To prevent botulism during salting or pickling, do not seal the dishes.

Salty white mushrooms are stored in cold conditions for up to 6 months, pickled on the same conditions - up to one year.

Salted breasts

How to salt a breast: a quick recipe

Harvesting according to this recipe will allow you to quickly cook mushrooms. You can enjoy crispy mushrooms in a week.

  • 5 kilograms of mushrooms;
  • Spices, salt.


  1. Rinse mushrooms, cut off any damaged areas. Small ones should be left, large ones should be cut across, so that each piece was with half a leg and a hat.
  2. Pour boiled water, soak for three days, with regular replacement of water.
  3. Put mushrooms and spices at the bottom of the wooden barrel. Make a second layer of the calculation, sprinkling with spices.
  4. Put under oppression.

Keep it for three days, periodically stirring the brine.

How to salt a hot and cold bread

The difference with the hot-harvesting technology is in the amount of time, that is, how many hours the hostess can devote to the process of preserving the product as a whole.

Cold way

  • medium sized breasts;
  • salt, citric acid;
  • container glass or non-resinous wooden barrel;
  • circle, oppression, spices to taste for flavor.

Cooking method:

  1. Mix water with salt 1: 2. Acidify with two grams of acid.
  2. Soak the milk, with a water change every 12 hours, for three days.
  3. Put mushrooms with hats down, sprinkle with spices, salt. Press down with a load.
  4. The first three days, the mushrooms condense, let the juice. Then add the next batch of product prepared in the same way to the container. Do this until the mushrooms shrink completely.
  5. With a small amount of brine, without removing the oppression, add a little salted boiled water.

Store the container for 35-40 days in a cold place.

Hot way

Making salting in this way takes less time.. Ideal for handling large volumes of raw materials in hot weather.

For 2 kg of mushrooms:

  • gram 60 salt;
  • cloves of 6 garlic;
  • Dill seeds;
  • Bay leaf;
  • currant leaves.


  1. Carry out the procedure of mushroom soaking for three days with the replacement of water in the morning and evening. Water must be salted and acidified with citric acid at the rate of 2: 1. Rinse with water.
  2. In an enameled saucepan, cook the mushrooms for 10-15 minutes, do not forget to stir, removing the foam. Allow to drain water, cool boiled mushrooms.
  3. Prepare a container, lay the product in rows, pouring seasonings.
  4. Remove for a month in a cool and dark place under oppression.

Harvesting bread for the winter at home: the most common recipe

Hot method number 2

For 2 kg of mushrooms:

  • litere of water;
  • 8 tablespoons of vinegar 9%;
  • 1 tablespoon of salt;
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar;
  • 4 pieces of bay leaf, cloves and peppercorns.

Cooking step by step:

  1. Go through the prepared mushrooms, rinse, remove the damage, soak for three days in running water. During soaking, we must change the water.
  2. Pour water with sugar and salt onto the marinade into the dishes. As soon as it boils, slowly pour vinegar, to reduce noise, add spices. Boil in the marinade from the moment of boiling for 25 minutes, removing the foam as it forms.
  3. Hot brine with mushrooms pour into a sterilized dish, clog.
  4. Cover until cool. Keep in the cold.

The shelf life of mushrooms in banks, subject to a constant temperature regime, is up to one year.

Cold way for a large number of mushrooms

For 5 kg of mushrooms:

  • 5 liters of water;
  • 300 grams of salt;
  • 100 grams of fresh dill;
  • one head of garlic;
  • 20 pieces of currant and cherry leaves;
  • 10 pieces of cabbage leaves.


  1. Loosely sort, wash, remove damage. Separate the caps from the legs.
  2. Soak hats in salted water for 15 hours, put on a towel, dry.
  3. Peel the garlic, cut each slice into three parts.
  4. Wash the dill, dry, chop finely.
  5. Laying the product in the dishes in layers, sprinkle it with salt seasonings and garlic cloves, one per layer. Subsequently, for a better aftertaste of ready-made salted mushrooms, before putting them into the container, it is recommended to mash the leaves a little.
  6. Put a clean towel, a circle and oppression on top of the laid mushrooms.

Store salting in a cold, well-ventilated cellar. The pickling period is two months. For lack of a cellar, the container can be stored in the refrigerator. Under conditions of temperature instability, in this case, the mushrooms must be pickled for at least 75 days.

How to pickle mushrooms

Adding sugar to the pickle gives the mushrooms a soft tenderness. Do not use plastic caps in the marinating method — the product produces a moldy reaction.

Per kilogram of mushrooms:

  • 1.5 cups of water;
  • 3 pieces of cloves;
  • 3 pieces of bay leaf and peas of allspice;
  • 1.5 tablespoons of salt;
  • 1 tablespoon of vinegar 9%.

For marinade:

  • 1.5 cups of water;
  • Spices to taste;
  • 1.5 tablespoon of vinegar 9%.

Cooking method:

  1. Thoroughly clean mushrooms, remove damaged areas. Large breasts cut into pieces. In enameled dishes, periodically removing the foam, cook for about half an hour. Drain the water.
  2. Boil water with vinegar and spices on the marinade, cook for 15 minutes. So that the mushrooms do not stick to the bottom, constantly interfere.
  3. In the prepared dishes, put the breasts, pour the marinade, roll up. Once cooled, refrigerate for 35 days.

Pickled Mushrooms

How to prepare mushrooms is the exclusive choice of each housewife. Fine breasts created by the magic of caring hands will charm the guests not only as a snack dish for hot drinks, but also as the main dish of the festive table.


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