Pomeranets: botanical features and the benefits of bitter orange

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Bitter orange (Сítrus aurаntium) is known to many as bigardia. This evergreen woody plant belongs to the genus Citrus (Citrus) and the family Rutaceae. According to scientists, culture is a hybrid form of mandarin and pomelo.

Botanical description and composition of orange

Pomeranets is a small evergreen tree with a height of aerial parts of up to ten meters. Sufficiently long branches have thin and sharp spines. The foliage is alternate, petiolate, leathery, shiny, green in the upper part, and light green in the bottom with multiple containers for essential oil. Large flowers, with a diameter of up to 20-30 mm, have a pleasant orange aroma. Petals of white staining, narrowly oblong, slightly fleshy.

Due to its special chemical composition, bigard or orange has a huge number of useful properties that can have a positive effect on the general emotional sphere. The aromatic properties of this plant are widely used in the prevention and treatment of depression.as well as to stimulate the body. The orange is able to quickly and effectively restore the elasticity of the skin, significantly reduces pores, and is also a very good tonic.

Cosmetological and medicinal properties of orange

Fruits are characterized by a fairly high content of carbohydrates, organic acids, including citric, malic, salicylic, gallic, as well as glycosides, which determine the value and healing properties of the culture.

Orange extract

Orange extract is a highly effective tool that is very widely used to suppress appetite, which contributes to weight loss. The tool allows you to stimulate the formation of heat in the human body, as a result of which the process of splitting of adipose tissue is significantly accelerated and lipid metabolism is mobilized.

The product has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects., helps to improve microcirculation and metabolic processes in problem areas, and also effectively increases the elasticity of the skin. The extract helps to refresh and soften the skin, accelerates the regeneration process. Also tonic properties and a rather pronounced increase in the activity of brain cells, a decrease in fatigue and a slight disinfecting effect, a noticeable antioxidant activity are noted.

Features of Orange

Bitter Orange Oil

Bitter Orange Essential Oil compares favorably with the following useful properties:

  • antiseptic;
  • antimicrobial;
  • anti-rheumatic;
  • anti-sclerotic;
  • choleretic;
  • antitoxic;
  • wound healing;

  • painkillers;
  • antidepressant;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antispasmodic;
  • expectorant;
  • sweatshops;
  • tonic;
  • deodorizing.

The tool is very widely used in the treatment and prevention of cellulite, it is used in the treatment of bleeding gums and stomatitis, with stress and neurosis, insomnia and depression. A high effect is observed when used in the treatment of infected wounds. Essential oil is a part of pharmaceutical preparationswith sufficiently pronounced laxatives, carminative and gastric properties.

Begardia fruits

Fruits are berry-shaped, characteristic spherical in shape, but sometimes slightly flattened, with a diameter of up to 65-70 mm, with a thick and uneven tuberous peel of bright orange color. Ripe fruit has a peel that can be easily separated from the pulp. The pulp consists of several slices, has a sour or slightly bitter taste. The seed material is oblate-wedge-shaped, furrowed, pale yellow.

Ovary dark green color. Flowering occurs in the last decade of spring, and the fruits ripen from November to January. Tinctures are made from crushed peels of ripe fruits, which are used as an appetite-enhancing agent. Unripe fruits of begardia have a diameter of one and a half centimeters. Such small "orange nuts" spontaneously fall from the trees, are collected and used as raw materials for essential oils. It is this oil that is used in the distillery industry.

The fruits, flowers and leaves of orange contain a sufficient amount of neroly and petigrene essential oil. The fruits are widely used in the preparation of marmalade, candied peels and a variety of soft drinks. A pleasant aroma allows the use of constituents in many floral arrangements in the perfume industry. The fruits are in demand in the confectionery and food industries. Extracts of orange peel are part of the popular Venezuelan alcoholic drink - concentrated bitter.

Is it possible to lose weight with orange

Quite often, in the composition of various dietary supplements intended for weight loss, orange zest extract is found. Manufacturers of such supplements are recommended for weight loss. Studies show that some ingredients of such a miracle fruit can reduce appetite and contribute to the breakdown of lipids, which leads to weight loss.

Regular consumption of bitter orange in food allows not only to reduce weight, but also improves immunity, reduces fatigue, and also helps to normalize metabolic processes in obesity. Important to remember, that the use of such dietary supplements is allowed only after consulting a doctor. Some chemical compounds that make up the zest of orange, when combined with certain components, cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, which negatively affects health in the presence of problems with the cardiovascular system.

Precautions and contraindications

The orange does not have pronounced contraindications, but in some cases, individual intolerance may be observed, as well as allergic reactions of varying severity are possible. Before external use in order to treat skin rashes, it is recommended to perform a test for the absence of allergic reactions and conduct a test local application of the drug to a small area of ​​the skin.

It should be noted that non-compliance with the dosage when using aromatic oils can provoke the occurrence of sufficiently strong, paroxysmal headaches. It is highly undesirable to use orange in the treatment and prevention of pregnant and lactating womenas well as children of preschool age. In the absence of abuse, side effects are not observed, but it is advisable to consult a doctor before using medicines and prophylactic agents based on bitter orange.

Properties of Bigardia Essential Oil

Orange orange is known to many under other names, including sour or bitter orange, bigaradia and chinotto. Evergreen perennial plant of the genus Citrus has long been popular not only among foreign consumers, but also in our country, due to pronounced useful and medicinal properties.


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