Fufanon insecticide: features of application and assessment of effectiveness

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Fufanon belongs to a wide range of insecticides. The drug is actively used to combat plant parasites that attack vegetable, fruit and berry crops. In use, the product is an analogue of Karbofos.

Fufanon KE and Nova: purpose and effectiveness

"Fufanon-KE" and "Fufanon-nova" have a contact, intestinal and fumigant effect, which allows the use of a tool for the treatment of fruit trees, berry bushes, vegetable and flower crops, as well as indoor plants. The active substance is represented by malathion at a concentration of 570 g / kg.

The concentrated emulsion is a clear yellowish liquid and is available in 5.0 ml ampoules and 10.0 ml vials. The tool is used to protect gardening, flowering and decorative foliage garden and indoor crops from plant parasites, submitted by:

  • weevils;
  • codling moths;
  • ticks;
  • black and green aphids;
  • thrips;
  • leaflets;
  • flies;
  • whiteflies;
  • raspberry jucrm;
  • whitewash;
  • a copper pick;
  • sawflies;
  • shields and false shields;
  • scoops;
  • gall midges;
  • mealybugs;
  • fireplug;
  • moth.

Means "Fufanon" and "Fufanon-Nova" have remained highly effective, but the difference from the means of the previous generation is an expanded spectrum of exposure, a convenient form of release in the form of plastic ampoules, and safety for humans and animals.

Fufanon insecticide: instructions for use of the drug

"Fufanon" belongs to the category of universal and very reliable meansused to protect horticultural and indoor plants from a whole complex of plant parasites. A drug from the class of organophosphorus compounds must be diluted in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, which will allow you to get a solution that does not have phytotoxicity.

In tank mixtures "Fufanon-super" and other drugs in this series can be used with other pesticides, but more often than others, such drugs are presented:

  • "Kurzatom-R" or "Polyram-DF" - fungicides used in the prevention or treatment of viruses and fungal pathogens;
  • "Drug number-30" from insect pests wintering in the root system or in fallen foliage;

  • "Colloidal gray", added if necessary to perform processing of the vine from the defeat of oidiums, powdery mildew and scab;
  • "Zircon", improving growth processes in the root system and fruit formation;
  • "Epin-Extra", which is a stimulant of the plant's natural immunity.

The compatibility of Fufanon with other insect fungicides and stimulants is tested through experimental mixing. Standard dilution of the drug is performed by diluting 10 ml of the drug in a small amount of water under conditions of thorough mixing. Then you need to bring the working solution with water at room temperature to a standard volume of 10 liters.

Fufafon: application

For indoor plants

On flower indoor crops, preventive and therapeutic measures can be taken. The contents of one standard ampoule with a volume of 5.0 ml is diluted in five liters of water at room temperature. From the household sprayer, the aboveground part of the indoor plant is carefully and abundantly processed.

For horticultural crops

Standard dilution solution thoroughly sprayed the whole aerial part of garden and garden plants:

  • red, white and black currants, as well as gooseberries, should be sprayed from gall midges, aphids, scabies, sawflies, kidney moths and leafworms with a solution based on 5.0 ml per 5.0 l of room temperature water from a half liter flowrate on a berry bush;
  • raspberries and garden blackberries from raspberry-strawberry weevil, raspberry beetle, aphids, kidney moths and ticks need to be sprayed with a solution based on 5.0 ml per 5.0 l of room temperature water from a couple of liters per berry bush;
  • garden strawberries from damage by whiteflies, spider mites, raspberry-strawberry weevils and sawflies need to be sprayed with a solution based on ten milliliters per bucket of warm water from a flow rate of 5.0 liters per ten square meters;
  • the vine should be sprayed with spider mites and mealybugs with a solution based on 10 ml per bucket of warm water from a flow rate of 2.5-3.0 l per bush;

  • cabbage from plant pests represented by aphids, bugs, flies, whites, moths and scoops should be treated with working fluid during the active growing season at the rate of a liter per ten square meters;
  • gourds from plant parasites represented by gourds, melon flies, aphids and ticks need to be treated with working fluid during the active growing season at the rate of 5.0 liters per ten square meters;
  • Tomatoes of open and closed ground from plant parasites represented by aphids, whiteflies and spider mites must be treated with working fluid during the active growing season at the rate of 1.0-3.0 liters per ten square meters.

Rose bushes, as well as other decorative and deciduous shrubs and flowering plants from damage by spider mites, aphids and rose sawfly need to be treated with working fluid during the growing season at the rate of one and a half liters per ten square meters.

Fufafon Nova: Description

How to treat trees from ticks

Processing is carried out on a calm and, preferably, cloudy day with strict adherence to dosage. An apple tree, pear, quince and plum, cherries and cherries should be sprayed from weevil, ticks, insects and leaflets, sawflies, moths and cherry flies with a solution based on 5.0 ml per 5, l of room temperature water from the consumption of a couple of liters per tree.

Reviews about the drug Fufanon

It was numerous positive reviews that made the Fufanon series of drugs very popular and popular among domestic summer residents. The tool has a detrimental effect on insect pests within one day, and the time of the protective effect is several days.

It is possible to obtain the maximum effectiveness of the insecticide by finely dispersing the working solution with complete wetting of the sheet plate. the action of the drug must be well regulated by the sprayer, achieving uniform treatment is recommended to be done on a dry, calm day. It is preferable to spray in the morning or evening hours.

Modern insecticides are one of the few most effective ways to control plant pests. To get a guaranteed result, you must adhere to the dilution instructions and be sure to observe the dosage.


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