Why dark spots appear on leaves of peppers and tomatoes

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Planted peppers and tomatoes in different greenhouses. After 3 days, these leaflets with dark spots began to appear on seedlings. Every day I cut off several of these leaves. What is it? Help!

Be sure to use ash. It is a natural insecticide and fungicide.

When I land, I always put ash and an e-pill in the hole, from fungal disease. It’s a pity the pepper, and what spawned on this place last year?

Tatyana in the place of peppers and peppers grew, and in place of tomatoes grew tomatoes. The harvest was chic! They didn’t even process anything that year. This year they spilled the ground before planting phytosparin.

The fungus, most likely, was most likely in the ground for seedlings, to process unambiguously.

What drug is still better to treat? Thanks to all!

Phytosparin is weak, ask something stronger, then you can put a pill for fungal sweat, I put it in the hole.

Gamair has a wider range of diseases, but it is more expensive than 20 of them, and Gliocladin is 100.

Treat with foundationazole (chemistry) or Trichodermin (biological product).

Fitosporin should not be poured continuously. It's raining, and you and Leika are in the garden. Water with phytosporin. This is not a joke. Only then. He works. Listen to Tatyana. These are good drugs. Fundazole is too strong.

Water Fitosporin. In the morning and on top of the head. Damaged sheet must be removed.


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