We make flower beds from our own tires

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Very often, gardeners accumulate things in their summer cottage, which are a pity to throw out, and what to do with them so that they serve a second life is not clear. However, it is worth a little imagination, and the beautiful garden beds from tires and other improvised material will decorate the garden plot. And old tires that have already served their term can help in the design of flower beds.

About how to make beautiful flower beds from old automobile rubber tires, than to paint them, and will be described below.

We choose and prepare tires for making flower beds with our own hands

After long-term use, old car tires will be soft and easier to shape. Tires can be asked from neighbors - motorists who do not need them. You can also pick up used car tires at service stations, since there they would otherwise simply be thrown into a landfill. And if there is an opportunity to choose between domestic and imported tires, it is better to make flower beds from imported tires. Because foreign tires are much softer, so it’s easier to give them various shapes, twist, etc.

Dirty tires should first be cleaned of dirt and sand. Indeed, it is more pleasant to work with clean material, and the knife blades will dull faster when working with tires stained with dirt and sand.

Stages of creating a flower bed from tires

Before making a flowerpot or flower girl from an old tire, you should carefully consider its appearance: in the form of a bowl, which will have smooth edges, a flowerbed, in which the edges will be cut off by waves, or a vase in the shape of a flower with petals and fringe.

Any tire shape can be invented, but it is usually always in the form of a "pan - lid": the bottom of such a flower bed will be deep, and the top will be cut off. Cut contours can be easily applied with ordinary chalk.

If the owners decided to make a flowerbed out of the old tire in the form of a flower, then along the edge of the product, draw the contours of the petals with chalk, and then cut along the contour with a sharp knife. Each of the petals should not be more than 12 cm. If the petals do more, then the tire cannot be turned out, and the shape of the flowerbed will be uneven.

When the tire is cut through the contour, then along the recesses you need to cut the tires in the longitudinal direction (the distance between such cuts is up to 10 cm).

In order to create a flowerpot from a tire on a leg, the tire is turned inside out beforehand. Many gardeners do not get it the first time. Actually turning the tire out in this way is not easy.

Metal cord is usually cut with a grinder in several places. Rubber is cut smoothly with this saw. Cuts are made over the entire tire surface at an equal distance from each other (about 15 cm). And only then you can start turning the tire. It should be remembered that it is difficult to unscrew only the first piece of the tire, then the product will be much easier to turn out.

How to make a flowerbed from tires with your own hands

How to cut a tire for a flower bed: options and technology

Any tool used to cut automobile tires should be sharpened well. Old tires can be cut with a shoe knife. To facilitate the cutting process, the blade of such a knife is lubricated with liquid soap.

It is great if you can use a jigsaw to cut coatings. Using this tool, you can cut out various shapes and crafts from the wheels.

To saw metal discs you need to use a saw - a grinder.

You can cut tires in different ways., depending on the shape of the future flower beds. You can cut the tires in half, or cut off only the upper part.

How and how to paint the tires for the flowerbed

However, it is not enough to give the old tire an unusual shape. After all, black or dirty - gray flowerpots look ugly against the general background of the garden site. Therefore, it is necessary to paint the outer part of flowerpots, which were made of wheel slopes.

To paint these rubber products, use any kind of paint:

  • oil;
  • enamel;
  • nitro enamel.

If the outer part of the tires is clean, then the paint will lie on it evenly, and will last more than one season on the tires. It is possible to use automobile paint for registration of flowerpots.

Craftsmen use spray cans of paint for paint work. In this case, you can paint all prepared flower beds from car tires in a short period of time. It is better to use light shades of paints when painting tires - in this case, the soil inside the tires heats less.

Most often, gardeners paint only the outer part of the tires. However, it is much more aesthetic to paint the tire on the inside (at least its upper part).

Decor Options

There can be a great variety of design options for flower beds from car tires - it all depends on the imagination of the owners and the presence of different colors of paint.

You can combine different colors as well as shades. Moreover, you can paint the lower part of the flower bed with darker paint, and the upper one - with a lighter color. You can apply an ornament of a different shade to the main color. However, do not try too hard when painting tires - when the flowers grow, they can completely cover the outer part of the flower bed.

Some craftsmen do not stop only at painting such flower beds - they can stick glass pebbles on tire petals, creating a dew effect.

The right combination of colors when painting flower beds from car tires, which is "consonant" with the color scheme of plants planted in such flower beds, will give the garden plot a unique flavor.

How to make a swan from a tire with your own hands

Original ideas for decorating a flower bed from car tires

Making flower beds with car tires, do not hold back your imagination. Indeed, from old tires you can build not only flower beds, flowerpots and flower bowls. Tires can be used in the manufacture of garden swings, chairs and ottomans, various decorations for the garden plot, hedges and much more.

  • Tires can be cut in half and dug around a flower bed or along a track, separating the flower planting area from the garden path. These tires can be painted in various colors, as well as painted with, for example, flowers or ladybugs.
  • You can install the main tire with petals cut out in the upper part on a pedestal of several tires placed on top of each other and painted in different colors.
  • Original look flowerpots from tires mounted on legs, like stools. You can install a smaller tire on the lower tire, filled with earth, and plant flowers around the circumference in the lower tire, and arrange flowers in the upper one throughout the entire space of the flowerbed.
  • Craftsmen carve various birds or animals from the tires, planting flowering plants in the interior of such flower beds.
  • Tires look interesting - flowerbeds suspended or screwed to the wall of a house or utility room.

If the garden is small, then it is more appropriate to place flower beds from car tires cut in the form of a frog, a beautiful swan, a carriage from a fairy tale, a bright firebird or an exotic parrot. But on a large-sized lawn, flowerbeds made in several tiers, or structures made vertically, will look better.

Slide from car tires

The slides from spent tires look original. The height of such slides depends only on the imagination of the owners of the plots. Small slides from several tires look beautiful staggered on top of each other. Moreover, in each of these tires you can plant various varieties of flowers.

The size of such slides both in width and length, and in height depends only on the imagination of gardeners and the size of the site allocated for such flower beds.

Tires in such a flower garden can be painted both equally and by combining shades.

What to choose flowers for planting in a flower garden from tires

It is better to plant flowers in flower beds from car tires that will delight your flowering throughout the season. Flowers planted in a flower bed of tires are usually unpretentious.

Moreover, it is possible to plant flowering plants of various heights and shades of flowers. You can use curly flowers.

It can be such plants:

  • fragrant tobacco;
  • petunias;
  • marigold;
  • forget-me-nots;
  • tuber begonias;
  • calendula;
  • sunflower;

  • Grenoble cloves;
  • lumbago ordinary;
  • tradescantia;
  • nasturtiums;
  • awl-shaped phlox.

The free space between flowering plants can be supplemented with fir cones - this decoration looks interesting, but next year such cones will have to be replaced with fresh ones.

What can be done from tires

Combining different types and varieties of flowers, you can create unusual beauty compositions in flower beds from old car tires. It all depends on what colors the grower wants to see in his area.

Old car tires can be perfectly used to improve the overall interior of the garden. Most often they are used precisely for the design of flower beds or flower beds. And here it all depends only on the imagination of the owners - and there are a lot of options for flower beds from old tires.


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