Options for using petunias in the garden: learning to make flower beds

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Petunia is one of the most popular and common annual flower crops. At present, the variety of its varieties is simply amazing. Among them there are both low bush plants for decorating various borders and creating flower beds, as well as giants, the stems of which, with good care, can be more than 1 meter. So, how can you plant a petunia in a country house or garden plot?

How can I plant petunia in the area: methods and technology

All currently existing varieties of petunias are necessarily grown in seedlings. This is explained by a rather long period of growing seedlings. So, for example, terry varieties bloom only after 3 months from sowing, and large-flowered after 2-2.5.

There are many different techniques for growing petunia seedlings.. Below we will consider the most common of them.

Growing seedlings in common containers

The easiest and most affordable way to grow. Any plastic containers are suitable for him, the main thing is to equip them with drainage holes. The soil must necessarily be sufficiently loose, moisture-intensive and nutritious. Petunia seedlings are very sensitive, therefore, it is best to use a ready-made soil mixture for growing seedlings of flower crops.

Important! Petunia seeds are photosensitive, that is, they can germinate, only in the light. Therefore, when sowing, they are not closed up, but simply laid out on the surface of the soil.

Depending on the form of release, the seeds may be dragee-coated or simply be bulk. The first option is certainly preferable, such petunia dragees are faster and easier to place at the right distance from each other.

But bulk seeds also have their advantages. Firstly, they are much cheaper than their dragee counterparts, and secondly, they are much faster and easier to emerge. Therefore, if there is no experience in sowing petunias, it is best to start learning from them.

After sowing, the soil surface is well moistened from the spray gun, and the container itself is covered with a film or a piece of glass to create a greenhouse effect. The speed of the process of seed germination directly depends on the ambient temperature. At 18–20 ° C, this process can drag on for 2 weeks or even longer, and at 30 ° C fresh seeds begin to germinate by 7–8 days.

Very important not to miss the moment of the appearance of the first shoots, in the absence of sufficient lighting, it can stretch very much even for a day. And this will subsequently have a very strong influence on the quality of seedlings. The sprouts of petunias are very small, therefore, when watering them, you must act very carefully. Humidify them best with a spray gun.

After the appearance of the second real leaflet, they begin to pick the seedlings in separate cups. At this point, the root system of the plants is still quite small, so for convenience you can use a toothpick with a broken tip. After a dive, the plants shade for several daysThis helps them to survive stress faster and better. Further care of seedlings is timely watering and loosening of the soil surface.

How to prepare the soil for planting petunias

Growing seedlings in peat tablets

Many flower growers use peat tablets for growing petunia seedlings. Their use avoids such a laborious process as picking. Before use, peat tablets must first be soaked. To do this, they are placed in any suitable container and filled with a sufficient amount of warm water.

After 20-30 minutes they swell, after which the remaining water is drained, and the tablets themselves are slightly squeezed. Now they need to be placed in a suitable plastic container. After arranging the tablets, you can start sowing seeds. Depending on their size, from 1 to 3 dragees of petunia can be placed on each.

After placing the seeds, the tablets on top are moistened from a fine atomizer, after which the containers are covered with a film on top. If all the conditions are met, after 10 days you can already see the first shoots.

Planting seedlings in open ground

Well-developed seedlings of petunia at the time of planting in open ground should have 4-5 leaves and be stocky. If it is very elongated, it means that during the growing process, significant violations of the temperature and light conditions were observed. When planting, such plants will have to be additionally formed.

For growing petunias, open areas well lit by the sun are best. The soil should be fertile and well-drained. Petunias are much easier to put up with a lack of moisture than with stagnation of water.

Compositions of petunias in the flower garden

Petunia is a universal culture, it can be very advantageously combined with most annual and perennial flower crops.

When to plant a petunia

What are the flowers in landscape design

At the moment, petunia is one of the most common annual crops in landscape design. Its popularity is explained by the following:

  1. Unpretentiousness.
  2. An abundance of colors.
  3. Quite high heat and drought resistance.
  4. Possibility of use as a container culture.

Petunia with different colors: the best plant companions

Petunia itself is a great culture. But to create flower beds and flower beds, it is very often necessary to combine it with other flowers. To make petunias worthy of competition, they must also be sufficiently heat-resistant and unpretentious in care. Below are the 10 most popular petunia companions:

  • Pelargonium or geranium. It is an excellent companion, quite unpretentious in care, and the period of its flowering lasts until the very frost.
  • Marigold. They will also become worthy rivals. They bloom profusely and continuously until the frosts.

  • Snapdragon. Spectacular snapdragon inflorescences perfectly complement the petunia flower bed. And in terms of unpretentiousness and drought tolerance, it is not much different from petunia.
  • Ageratum. Also known under the popular name Dolgotsvet. It blooms quickly and blooms for a long time.
  • Verbena. Appreciated for its unpretentiousness, an abundance of colors and the ability to withstand small frosts without any problems.
  • Coleus. Spectacular and unpretentious decorative foliage culture. Ideal with petunia. Very suitable for creating bright accents on the flowerbed.
  • Lobelia. A relatively new annual. Very suitable for framing a petunia flower bed.
  • Levkoy. Also quite unpretentious and drought tolerant. Coexists very well with petunia.
  • Calendula. There are currently terry varieties of this crop. Valued for plentiful and very long flowering.
  • Cineraria. Unpretentious and beautiful decorative foliage plant. With its help, you can create a spectacular frame of flower beds.

Create a flowerbed of marigolds and petunias

Marigolds and petunia are one of the most profitable combinations in landscape design. To create a flower bed, it is best to use low-growing bush varieties of petunias and rejected marigolds. The selection of suitable varieties is quite large. Marigolds should be planted in a flower bed with seedlings at the age of 1 month. Petunia also planted with 2 month old seedlings.

To create a carpet effect, the distance between plants should be no more than 20 cm. You can alternate petunia and marigold plants in any convenient way.

We create beautiful flower beds from petunias with our own hands

It’s not difficult to create a beautiful flowerbed of petunia at your summer cottage. This culture combines very well with almost all annual flowers.

Vertical landing petunias

Vertical planting of petunias makes it possible to very profitably plant a wide variety of places in the garden. There are a lot of types of structures for vertical gardening, but at the location they can be classified into the following types:

  • Floor;
  • Outboard;
  • Wall mounted.

Their shape and size are not limited by anything except the imagination of the owner of the site.

How to make a flower ball out of petunias

A self-made flower ball made of petunia is a great alternative to long-bored flowerpots and flower beds. It can be placed very profitably in almost any corner of the garden. To make it, you will need wire, moss sphagnum and of course patience.

A rather strong and dense spherical wire-frame is constructed from the wire, which is then stuffed with sphagnum moss at the edges, and peat in the center. Then ampel varieties of petunia are planted in cells of this design.

Purchased and home-made flowerpots for petunias

Planting petunias in homemade and finished flowerpots is one of the most affordable simple ways to decorate a garden plot. Their main advantage is that they can be placed in any convenient place.

Homemade flowerpots have one indisputable advantage - this is financial affordability. You can make them from almost any available materials at hand. For example, old car tires, cracked plastic buckets or basins and even full-blown pots and cast iron that can be placed either directly on the ground or using various supports are often used.

Flower garden fencing

To decorate the edges of flower beds and create border borders, various decorative fences are very often used. Without them, the decoration of the courtyard will be incomplete. For these purposes, you can purchase ready-made plastic fences or make decorative fences with your own hands.

Other design options

Of the other design options for flower beds with petunias, it is worth noting the use of various stones or even paving tiles. They can be alternated and combined with each other as you like.

It’s not at all difficult to create beautiful compositions from petunias and other annuals on a garden plot. This culture is absolutely unpretentious and very easy to get along with almost all ornamental plants.


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