Why home plants do not take root

No plants take root in my house. With what it can be connected? Carefully follow the “instructions” for caring for them. The amount of water, light, temperature - all this is observed by me. Mom says something about bad energy, I already begin to believe in it. Maybe there is some kind of influence from pets? I have a cat. Who faced this problem? Help advice!


My mother used to say to me that flowers do not grow in our house. And really then at our place there was not a single flower, but I dispelled this myth. A year later, my whole room was in a variety of colors, gradually occupied the entire apartment. They just need to love, care, cherish. They are alive and feel love and care. When you cool them, they begin to languish and hurt, and then gradually die. When I moved from my parents' house, all the flowers remained with them, after 2 years there was not a single flower, everything died. And try to plant different plants, study what conditions each flower needs and try to create them. It is necessary to feel as though when they need to be watered, and when they can still stand they can without watering. I’ll give another example: there is such a transfer of GARDENS OF THE WORLD, various gardens are shown there, and in one of the films the heroine was asked how you recruit employees, by what criteria - she replied: if a person says “I love flowers”, it doesn’t matter have education or experience, I take such a person. I also know this on my own, flowers need to be loved. And when you love, you do everything to make your pets comfortable and good, heavy energy has nothing to do with it. The main thing is that your energy radiate love and peace.

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