When to plant seedlings of cucumbers in 2019

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Cucumber belongs to the category of tropical heat-loving plants, so in many regions it is most often grown in seedlings. Focusing on the sowing dates and further care according to the lunar calendar for 2018, the gardener has a great opportunity to get not only a high-quality, but also the highest possible yield of this tasty and popular vegetable crop.

Features of landing dates

Today, the standard sowing scheme for most garden plants involves both seedling cultivation of crops and direct sowing in the ground. In the more southern regions of our country, it is recommended to sow cucumbers directly into well-warmed soil on ridges of open ground. In the middle lane, you can grow seedlings or sow, strictly adhering to certain dates. In the northern regions, cucumber cultivation uses exclusively seedling culture.

Moscow and Moscow region

Sowing prepared and germinated seeds:

  • in glass or film greenhouse constructions - in mid-May;
  • under temporary film shelters - in the last decade of May;
  • on ridges of open ground - in the first ten days of June.

Cucumber seedlings are planted in open ground no earlier than mid-June. If necessary, standard film shelters are used at night.

Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Region

It is necessary to sow seeds prepared in advance in the following periods:

  • on greenhouse ridges - not earlier than the second or third decade of May;
  • on ridges with the use of film tunnel shelters - in the last week of May;
  • on ridges of open ground - in mid-June.

It is recommended to remove the film shelter from the cucumber ridges no earlier than mid-June.

How to plant cucumber seeds on seedlings

The territory of the Middle Urals

The most favorable period for the growth and formation of the crop of cucumbers in rather difficult climatic conditions is significantly limited by time frames, and late spring frosts are often observed even in mid-June. It is for this reason that the cultivation of cucumbers here is carried out in the seedling method, on greenhouse ridges. It is necessary to plant cucumber seedlings in a permanent place in May, using the so-called "warm" ridges on biological fuel for growing. It is advisable to plant plants on standard ridges without heating in the last days of May or in early June.

Southern regions of Russia and Ukraine

It is in the southern regions that you can easily provide the most favorable conditions for cucumbers and get the maximum yield with minimal time and effort. Pre-sowing seeds can be directly sown on ridges, in open ground, from mid-April until the May holidays. The optimal time for sowing to obtain high-quality seedlings comes in the last decade of March. On the territory of the Rostov region, sowing in open ground and planting seedlings is carried out at the end of April.

How to plant seedlings of cucumbers in open ground

Lunar calendar for growing cucumbers

The sowing calendar is compiled taking into account the phases of the moon and its location in the zodiac signs. The implementation of work on favorable days has a positive effect on both quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the crop, allowing you to get the maximum number of fruits even from a small plot area.






The best days for planting cucumbers

16-18; 21-22; 25-26

20-21; 24-26

17-18; 21-22; 27-28

18-19; 24-26

14-15; 21-22

Unfavorable days for planting cucumbers

1-3; 9-10; 15

8-10; 13-15; 17

4-6; 14-15; 16

2-3; 7-8; 15

3-4; 8-9; 12-13

How to calculate the timing of sowing and planting

It is not difficult to independently calculate the most favorable dates. It is enough to remember that the optimal age of cucumber seedlings for planting in a permanent place is a month. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the high-quality and most viable seedlings of this heat-loving crop have a height of 25-30 cm and have three to four well-developed leaves characteristic of the variety of staining. To calculate the timing of sowing, you need to remember the timing of the ripening of the crop of different varieties and hybrid forms:

  • early ripening cucumbers enter the flowering phase on 32-45 days after sowing;
  • medium-term cucumbers enter the flowering phase approximately 46-55 days after sowing;
  • late ripening cucumbers enter the flowering phase 56-70 days after sowing.

For growing in the Moscow region early ripe and mid-ripening varieties and hybrids are best suited. In regions related to risk zoneIt is recommended to grow vegetables with a short growing season, which allows you to get the whole crop as soon as possible. Within the territory of Urals and Siberia for cultivation, it is desirable to give preference to hybrid forms that have increased resistance to adverse soil and climatic conditions and with a low risk of damage to the most common diseases. The greatest crop in weather conditions Far Eastern region can be obtained by cultivating mid-early and mid-ripening varieties.

Previously, it was customary for people to start planting cucumbers with Job Goroshnik or May 19 in a new style. It was by the weather on the night before planting that the future yield of a vegetable crop was estimated. Warm night promised a high yield of cucumbers.

It was possible to continue landing on the day of Sidor Ogurechnik on May 27 or Falaley Ogurechnik on June 2. It was necessary to finish all sowing work related to the cultivation of cucumber immediately after Levon Ogurechnik, who planted pickling varieties intended for winter storage in pickling.

How to sow cucumber seeds in open ground

Today there is absolutely no need to strictly follow folk signs and calendars, and the lunar calendars, faithful assistants to the gardener and gardener, can optimally select the dates for sowing or leaving.


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